Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice in Quezon City

Hubby and I decided to pay Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice a visit a few days ago. I really had zero expectations as he had already been there before and he said it was kind of expensive and nothing special.

Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Quezon CityStill, I decided that I wanted to try out what they had to offer for myself. Besides, the establishment looked kind of cute from the outside.

Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Quezon CityThere’s an equally cheerful vibe inside. Although the walls, floors, and chairs are white, vibrantly colored tables and wall decorations provided nice accents to the overall look.

Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Quezon CityI decided to order the bestseller Cobo Milk Tea (P90, pictured above right). Hubby chose the Green Tea Milk Tea (P90, pictured above left). Hubby’s tea was actually white in color. There are three sugar levels to choose from: Low, Medium, and High. I of course, opted for Low. Surprisingly, my low sugar Cobo Milk Tea tasted a lot like my favorite Milk Tea with Pearls from Share Tea in Taiwan. Hubby’s drink tasted like flowers and milk… which was indescribably weird to say the least. XD

Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Quezon CityDespite hubby’s initial complaints that Cobo Taiwanese Chicken (P60, pictured above) is dry and not so great, he agreed to order it again so I could taste it. Cobo Taiwanese Chicken comes in three flavors: Pepper and Salt, Mexican, and Green Tea. The cashier told us that Pepper and Salt was the bestseller so that was what we ordered.

The chicken was very crunchy, which is a positive for me. The whole experience was kinda like eating chips. It’s heavily laden with salt and pepper so it’s salty and spicy at the same time. I thought it was okay, but I had a really bad cold then so my tastebuds were a bit impaired. I suspect I would find the seasoning too strong under normal circumstances. I wanted to try the Snow Ice but I felt I would not be able to finish an order so I decided to save it for next time.

Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice
#96 Scout Gandia cor. Tomas Morato (beside Citibank),
Quezon City

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