Cleansing with Nourish Juice PH

I swear it’s sooooo hard to live a healthy life especially if you love eating. There are too many temptations. I can’t follow a diet to save my life, the best thing I can do is count calories of the things that end up in my mouth. I just turned 40 last month and I know I need to make an extra effort to be healthy. This is the age when diseases start showing up and well, I’m still not at my ideal weight. Being overweight puts me at greater risk of sickness.

Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review

That said I was really happy when I was contacted by Nourish Juice PH. They offered to let me try their Full Cleanse for 2 days. Yay! And so after agreeing on a sked, 2 days worth of juices were delivered to my doorstep. They came with a big insulated bag filled with ice packs.

Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review

There are 2 types of cleansing with Nourish Juice PH: Full Cleanse or Light Cleanse. With the Full Cleanse, you take 6 bottles of juice a day and nothing else. No other solids and liquids aside from the juice except the tea they provide and water. For the Light Cleanse, simply replace your meal with 2 bottles of juice. You may replace up to 2 meals a day. The remaining meal must consist of leafy greens and vegetables.

The six kinds of juice you use for cleansing are (yes, you drink them in this order every 2-3 hours for the Full Cleanse):

  • Green Gusto – Pineapple, Grape, Celery, Romaine Lettuce (Love this, my fave juice of all!)
  • Revitalizing Red – Apple, Carrot, Beet, Ginger
  • Golden Green – Cucumber, Melon, Orange (Tastes like melon water)
  • Opulent Orange – Orange, Carrot, Sweet Potato (Grainy because of the sweet potato, but yummy!)
  • Radiant Red – Watermelon, Orange
  • Glowing Green – Cucumber, Apple, Moringa, Spinach, Ginger, Lemon
Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review

So anyway, I decided to do a Full Cleanse on Day 1. I started my day with a cup of organic hot Green Chai tea. Afterwards, I had my first bottle of Nourish Juice, the Green Gusto. I love fresh pineapples and so I really liked the predominantly pineapple taste of this juice. It was filling enough for breakfast. I had this at 7am and by 9am I was already chugging down the bottle of Revitalizing Red as my mid-morning snack. You’re supposed to drink a lot of water after each bottle of juice for the Full Cleanse.

Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review

Lunch was a bottle of Golden Green in the car. Nice taste. So far all three juices taste great. I don’t need “panulak” in the form of water, I can drink them at leisure. At around 3pm I had my merienda juice, Opulent Orange. It’s a memorable juice because of the sweet potatoes which gave it a grainy texture. I didn’t mind because it was pleasant to drink. By 5pm I had another merienda juice, Radiant Red. Dinner came in the form of my 6th bottle, Glowing Green. Before you sleep, you’re supposed to drink another cup of organic tea (also provided) for a good night’s sleep.

Okay, all the juices tasted great but I have one tiny problem with this program. There are too little juices. By dinner time of the first day I was in full starvation mode. I was so hungry I wanted to eat everything in sight. The bottles are so small that by afternoon they are no longer enough to satisfy your hunger. By evening I was already feeling quite weak with hunger. I did however go to the bathroom to urinate a lot more frequently than usual so I guess the cleansing action kicked in somehow.

On Day 2, I decided to go with the Light Cleanse so I just replaced breakfast with 2 juices which was fine.

What I liked about Nourish Juice PH:

  • All the juices tasted good. No plant-y grassy taste, you can drink these at a leisurely pace because you don’t need to wash them down with water.
  • The program is a lot more affordable — their 1-Day Cleanse package costs P1,575 for 350ml bottles of juice (You get 6 bottles of juice, 2 bags of organic tea, and an insulated bag). If you opt for the 2-Day Package, it’s even cheaper at P2,825 and so forth (they have up to the 5-Day Package).
  • The juices are easy to bring along because of the compact bottle sizes.
  • They have the most delicious Nutmilk I’ve ever tasted (more on that below).
  • During the one day I was on the Full Cleanse, I did go to the bathroom a lot more so I guess it the cleansing aspect is effective.

Downside? The individual bottles of juice are so small that they are not enough to make you feel full. You’re still hungry after drinking, it’s like they go into the big black hole. By late afternoon you’ll be starving and cranky as a result of the accumulated um… hunger pangs? Plus they don’t use organic fruits and veggies, just the regular supermarket variety (I know some consider this a major factor).

Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review

Anyhow as I’ve mentioned above, one of the best things about Nourish Juice is they have the yummiest Nutmilk I’ve tried so far — not too sweet and makes for a satisfying snack! It comes in two flavors: Maple (pictured above) and Chocolate (pictured below).

Nourish Juice PH Cleanse Review
My favorite is the Maple Nutmilk but Chocolate is good too!

Nourish Juice PH’s Nutmilks are perfect as a healthy snack if say you’re craving for something during odd hours.
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