And now we have… CK All!

I will be the first to admit that I’m not really that much into perfumes. BUT… but but… when I was in high school, the first perfume I ever owned was Eternity by Calvin Klein. I would stash the entire bottle in my school bag. I loved the scent. Then one day, it disappeared… as in completely vanished from my bag! The bottle wasn’t even half empty. I never did find out who took it.

CK AllSo… CK One, CK Be, or CK All?

Despite not being a fragrance aficionado, I have a love affair with Calvin Klein fragrances. My mom sent me bottles of CK One and CK Be from the US when I was in college. She told me they were both unisex scents. I remember being amazed at how one perfume can be used by both genders. I loved them both and they were pretty much my 2 signature scents those days. Fast forward to decades later, I’m now a mom to a teen who’s about to take college entrance exams. This 2017, Calvin Klein releases yet another universal scent — CK All.

ck_all2Like CK One and CK Be, CK All has a fresh citrusy scent that can be worn by both men and women. Their slogan is quite fitting: “Be One. Be All. Just Be.”. The notes include bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit blossom, amber, and musk among several others. It’s a noticeably warmer fragrance compared to CK One and CK Be.

ck_all3We had the chance to customize our own bottle of CK All during the launch event.

ck_all4There was a list of words we could choose from for our very own 3-liner on the bottle.

ck_all5Here’s my bottle!

ck_all6We need good vibes. Agree?

CK All is available at P3,398 per 100ml bottle. You can purchase from Rustans Department Store, selected SM Department Stores, and Zalora.

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