Chinatown’s Best Food in Banawe

We had an eating spree at Chinatown’s Best Food in Banawe last November 30, 2010 when they invited The Club over for dinner. There were 20 dishes in all if you include dessert. Suffice to say I could not taste every single one as that would have been suicidal. Plus, there’s no way I’m eating frog’s legs. I’m just not that adventurous with food so I’m a sure failure in reality shows like Fear Factor, Survivor, and even The Amazing Race since they usually have some form of gross eating challenge.
I’d like to apologize for the quality of the photos. I forgot to charge my digicam and so the low batt warning was flashing throughout dinner. I was forced to take only one shot per dish as to make sure I could take photos of everything I was going to eat.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Chinatown’s Best Combination Platter

Chinatown’s Best Food usually serves this as appetizer in their lauriat menu sets. Slices of soy chicken, century eggs, jellyfish, and lechon kawali (fried crispy pork) make up the dish. Pretty standard fare.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Crispy Noodle with Seafood (P180)

I liked that the noodles really were nice and crispy. This was what I had for carbs that night. 🙂

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Braised Patatim (P360)

This is huge and yummy. Tender, juicy, and meaty stewed pork leg in dark soy sauce and brown sugar. One order can easily feed up to six people.
Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Dried Scallop w/ Sea Cucumber Seafood Soup

Like the Chinatown’s Best Combination Platter, this is also served as part of set lauriat menus. I quite enjoyed sipping on the hot thick soup with scallop bits.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Salted Egg Prawns (P480)

The waiter told me that Salted Egg Prawns is one of Chinatown’s Best Food’s bestsellers. Battered and fried prawns are laced with crumbled hard boiled salted egg. The salted egg lends a unique texture to the dish. Although I’m allergic to shellfish, I had a taste of this and it was pretty good. 🙂

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Steamed Crab with Onion and Ginger (P450 / half kilo)

I was astounded by the size of the claws of the crab that was served. Needless to say it was the part that I got. I liked the mild flavors of onion and ginger because it allowed me to fully appreciate the fresh crab meat.

Chinatown’s Best Food Banawe

Chinatown’s Best Fried Rice (P240)

I had more carbs with Chinatown’s Best Fried Rice. It’s not the usual Yang Chow Fried Rice that’s tossed with bits of meat and veggies. This one’s topped with broccoli, prawns, and mushrooms.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Pork Spareribs with Taro Hot Pot (P260)

Slightly sweet taro pieces are cooked together with pork spareribs. I really love taro and so I enjoyed this dish.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Beef Brisket Reddish Hot Pot (P260)

Tender beef kenchi (shank) is stewed with pieces of juicy radish and spices galore. Very aromatic and flavorful, it was quite popular with the group.

Chinatown's Best Food Banawe

Buco Pandan Dessert

Dessert was a surprise. I was expecting the usual generic and unremarkable Buco Pandan that restaurants usually serve, but it turned out to be the best Buco Pandan I’ve ever had. Extraordinarily creamy and not overly sweet, it was served at the perfect temperature too — very cold but not frozen. I actually had a second bowl. :p

Want to have all the yummy Chinese dishes you can eat for a fixed price? Chinatown’s Best Food is famous for their all-day buffet. Pricing is as follows:

  • P388 for lunch
  • P440 for dinner
  • P518 on weekends

Chinatown’s Best Food
#589 Banawe St. cor. Don Manuel St., Quezon City
711-1444 / 740-8649 / 712-4249

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