BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe in Makati City

We were invited to try out the newly opened Taiwanese-owned BoTan Bubble Tea in Makati last March 7, 2012.
BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityI immediately took a liking to the bright and roomy interiors. This is probably one of the most spacious milk tea places around and it’s because they also serve meals apart from a wide assortment of drinks.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati City
There’s a couch area if you just want to chill.
BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe in Makati CityThe first drink served was Fresh Fruits Tea (P150, pictured above). Hot and amber-hued brewed tea with chunks of fruit come in a small pot with a tealight candle underneath to keep it warm. There’s also a small glass of honey on the side so you can sweeten to taste. The hot tea has a citrus taste and is rather comforting.
BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityThen we tried their Mix Adobo Platter (P160, pictured above). Slices of beef, hard-boiled eggs, beancurd, and glutinous rice are drizzled with salty-sweet adobo sauce. Pretty yummy and perfect for snacking!

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityThen came the cold drinks. BoTan’s bestsellers are (from left to right) Sea Foam Winter Melon Tea (P100), Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea (P100), and Taro Smoothie (P130).

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityThe Sea Foam Winter Melon Tea is the Botan’s version of Rock Salt Cheese you can find in other shops. It’s not cheesy in flavor though and it actually is reminiscent of sea foam due to the subtle hints of sea salt and sea weed in the cream. It’s okay but I prefer Rock Salt Cheese. Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea meanwhile is creamy brewed tea with lots of chewy black pearls. It’s pretty good, just like the way they make them in Taiwan. My favorite among the three is the Taro Smoothie. It’s made with real blended taro and fresh milk — it even has chewy taro chunks on top! It has just the right sweetness without needing any sugar adjustments. 🙂

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityWe were also served their new offering, Club Sandwich, which was not yet on the menu. It comes with a small scoop of potato salad.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityWe also had Season Fruits Waffle (P220, pictured above). There are fresh fruits (specifically mangoes, bananas, and apples) on the side along with a small glass of syrup.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityIn case you’re hungry, BoTan also has Crispy Pork Chop (P219, pictured above) served with rice, egg, and vegetables on the side. I was impressed because they use Japanese rice. The pork chop is indeed crispy and seasoned with Taiwanese spices that had a flavor profile close to curry.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati City

They even have Chicken Leg Adobo (P230, pictured above)!

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati City
If you don’t eat pork, you can always opt for Crispy Fried Chicken instead. Like the Crispy Pork Chop, it’s perfectly fried and seasoned with spices. Oh and you can just add P60 to any rice meal and avail of any drink you want. Aside from pork and chicken BoTan also serves beef and lamb rice meals.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati CityWe sampled BoTan’s Thick Cut Toast (P70 per order) as well. It comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Butter Biscuit flavor. The bread is imported from Taiwan. My hands down favorite is the Butter Biscuit! It’s so yummy with its top layer of toasted yet creamy butter coating.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati City
The Thick Cut Toast comes in Peanut Butter too, so there are four variants in all.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe Makati City
BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe not only serves teas and tea-based drinks, they also have coffee! This is their Cafe Americana, unfortunately it wasn’t on the menu yet when we visited. I poured in the coffee, milk, and syrup in the ice-filled glass and mixed them together. Voila! A lovely glass of iced coffee. 😀

Just like in other milk tea places, you can adjust the sweetness and ice level. But unlike other places, the levels are just 0%, 50%, and 100%. Extra toppings for drinks cost P15 each (Pearl / Grass Jelly / Pudding / Nata Jelly), additional P20 for Sea Foam.

If you’re in the Makati area, BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe is definitely an excellent place to get your milk tea fix. You can even eat a complete meal here or just chill and hang out. They have free wifi internet access, a nice rest room, and a shelf full of magazines you can browse through. I was surprised because even if the location isn’t all that visible, there were actually quite a number of Taiwanese patrons when we went. Oh and they deliver too.

BoTan Bubble Tea Cafe
Basement 1, West of Ayala,
252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. (entrance along Urban Ave.),
Makati City
Closed on Sundays.

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