Black = White with Pond’s Pure White Facial Wash

I attended an evening get-together with some blogger friends for the new Pond’s Pure White Facial Wash last August 8, 2010.

Pond's Pure White Facial WashThe newly introduced Ponds Pure White Facial Wash contains activated carbon, a purifying agent which can absorb dirt and grime like there’s no tomorrow.

Ponds Pure White Facial WashTo illustrate, we were given experiment kits so we could see for ourselves how the activated carbon works.

We put black water into two beakers. We mixed in activated carbon in one and let the other one stay as is. We were given filters to put on top of glasses so we could let the contents of the beakers drip.

Ponds activated carbon experimentAs you can see, the dark water mixed with activated carbon (glass on the left) yields clear water when filtered. The dark water which was left as is (glass on the right) remained dark even with filtration. This is how the activated carbon in Pond’s Pure White Facial Wash works to cleanse your skin. It absorbs all the dirt, grime, and impurities to leave you with cleaner, brighter, and whiter skin.

Pond's Flawless White Blemish Protection UV CreamWe got acquainted with another new product as well, Pond’s Flawless White Blemish Protection UV Cream.

Pond's Flawless White Blemish Protection UV CreamPond’s Flawless White Blemish Protection UV Cream is very creamy in texture yet goes on light when applied. Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it lightens the skin and reduces dark spots too. It also prevents dark spots from appearing in the future while moisturizing the skin.

Ponds Bloggers

From left to right: Jheng, Liz, Fran, Lace, me, Sophie, Jill, and Shen

I’ll share my personal experience with these products in my next posts. Thank you Pond’s Philippines! 😀

Animetric loves Pond's

Thank you for this photo Frannywanny!

I’ll be cooking up some promos and contests for my dear readers with Pond’s, so do stay tuned. 🙂

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