BGC not safe anymore? No, not just BGC.

This Facebook status update has been appearing on my FB timeline and even on Twitter. It’s the story of a couple of guys who were held up while walking along the streets of BGC (Bonifacio Global City). Safety has and always will be an important topic to me which is why I’ve shared my personal experiences about the Dugu Dugu Gang, text scams, and so forth in the past. Thus, in lieu of my usual lifestyle posts, I felt I had to prioritize this.

BGC Not Safe Anymore
You can click on the photo above to read his account.

Two guys’ cellphones were stolen at gunpoint while walking along the streets of BGC. They were holding their phones while walking because they were playing a GPS-based game where they needed to walk around a map based on Google Maps.

Was I surprised? Not really. BGC isn’t a gated community like Dasmariñas Village or Forbes Park (both of which are close by). It’s not a restricted private residential compound. Despite how nice and orderly everything is at BGC (in fact I myself like it there and whenever I need to get from one place to another I usually walk), it’s a public place just like EDSA or Ortigas Avenue. Anyone can go in and out of BGC. That said, what happened to these guys could have happened anywhere — in Greenhills, in Eastwood City, in Rockwell Center… sad to say, no public place is completely safe here in Metro Manila… no matter how clean and pretty and “high-end” everything around you looks. Whenever my husband and I get ready to go home in the afternoon, we would walk a little bit from the office to the parking area. If it so happens that I was holding my cellphone, my hubby would tell me to keep it out of sight before we step out of the door — and it’s an extremely short walk, maybe 2 minutes or less. He said the moment we go out the door, anyone on the street (which is public) could just grab my cellphone and take off with it.

The same holds true when you are communting or when you’re inside a public place like a mall or restaurant. Whether you’re riding a taxi, a jeepney, or a bus, or just eating in a fast food joint, it is NOT safe. I’ve had my WHOLE BAG stolen at KFC Greenhills, with a guard just a few steps away from where I was sitting. Yes people, it’s THAT bad. Nowadays, I’m paranoid and I never let my bag out of my sight. If I have to eat with it on my lap I will.

Whenever you have to leave the house, keep your valuables at a minimum. My hubby always tells me that I shouldn’t leave the house with anything I’m not ready to part with, which is why I always keep my stuff at a minimum. On regular days, I only have my cellphone, my wallet, and some toiletries inside my bag — no other gadgets and never a lot of cash.

Let this be a reminder for all of us to always be vigilant and take extra precautions whenever and wherever we have to go anywhere. If ever you are held up, don’t try to resist. Just give them what they want and pray that they go away. As long as you have your life, you can work and recoup whatever material thing it is that you’ve lost. It’s not worth losing your life over something as trivial as a cellphone.

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