An alternative career as a Sun Life Advisor?

A handful of bloggers were invited by the folks over at Sun Life Financial for a leisurely lunch.

Sun Life Financial AdvisorI was actually kind of iffy at first because I’m not really a fan of life insurance. I have car insurance but that’s about it. Life insurance is so morbid in the sense that someone has to die before anyone can reap the benefits. We were assured that we were not going to be sold or offered anything of the sort so I finally agreed to go.

Cutting straight to the chase, the point of our meet-up was so the Sun Life folks could share with us the possibility of an alternative career. I know, you’re probably like ick, I don’t want to be an insurance agent! Well, neither do I. But the way they explain it makes the whole concept quite attractive.

For starters, they don’t call themselves salespeople or insurance agents. They’re Sun Life Financial Advisors. You don’t necessarily have to get life or any type of insurance. All these folks do is try and help you determine how to manage your money efficiently. Most of the Sun Life Advisors started out casually. They would talk about insurance, educational plans, pension plans, etc with friends over coffee. Later on they find themselves making a sale, and that pretty much gets the ball rolling.
Advantages of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor:

  • You are trained by Sun Life Financial for free.
  • You don’t have regular office hours, you keep your own time.
  • If you reach certain quotas you become eligible for rewards such as free travel. The Sun Life Financial Advisor we talked to was actually able to redeem a free trip to Europe and then some.

Of course, I’d be a fraud if I didn’t tell you about the downside. There’s actually just one: No sales means no income. You live off commissions and there is no basic salary. How much you make from being a Sun Life Advisor would depend on how hard you work on your own — unsupervised. You would have to be pretty disciplined to make it in this field. It’s actually like having your own business because you have things to sell and you can do things on your own time, the difference being you don’t have to shell out any capital and you have an established corporation backing you up the entire time.

So… do you think being a Sun Life Advisor is something you would consider? If the answer is yes, call 849-9888 today, or log on to and explore a possible alternative career path.Thanks to My Mom Friday for the group photo.

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