Althea Unporegettable Box Review

As you guys know, my current fave online store is Althea. I stalk the site every single day waiting for the newest box to come out. They sell out so quickly that I just took a couple of days to think about getting the recently released Wanderlust Box and it got sold out! TWO DAYS!!! Lesson learned here is if there’s a box you like GET IT IMMEDIATELY. Anyhow today I shall talk about my second Althea Box, the Althea Unporegettable Box. In between boxes I also order individual items, I’m just that addicted to Korean beauty products.

Althea Unporegettable BoxYou know what? What really got my attention here is the Laneige Powder Fit Cushion #23. It’s not yet available here in the Philippines. Laneige being my favorite cushion brand, I just had to try it. Now I’m normally shade 21 but given that this is the only shade available on Althea I thought I’d risk it. After all, it’s only one shade away from my usual. So why get the Althea Unporegettable Box instead of just the Laneige Powder Fit Cushion? Well, the box sells for P1,450 and contains 7 different products. The cushion sells individually for P1,350. No brainer right?

Althea Unporegettable BoxMy Althea Unporegettable Box arrived in less than a week. Aside from the items enumerated in the list, they included several random samples — 8 samples to be exact. Let’s go over each product shall we?

Althea Unporegettable BoxFirst we have the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (P550). Just this product alone is already 1/3 the price of the box! I’m really into clay masks because they’re really good for deep cleansing. This charcoal-infused clay mask removes oil, brightens skin tone, and treats troubled spots.

Althea Unporegettable BoxNext up is Common Labs Mild Peeling Finger Pad. This isn’t sold in Althea individually. One box contains 7 sachets. It’s also for deep cleansing as it removes dead skin cells and all traces of leftover makeup. It evens out skin texture too. I used one earlier my face felt incredibly smooth and clean afterwards! I love this product.

Althea Unporegettable BoxNow this is what originally caught my attention — Laneige Powder Fit Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ in No. 23 Sand. My normal shade in Laneige is #21. I was quite worried that this would be too dark for me but it was just perfect. I love it so much I’ll be uploading a separate review for it next. This isn’t really a cushion but creamy liquid foundation dispensed through a mesh net. This reminds me of the AprilSkin Fixing Foundation but Laneige’s version is much better. I’d buy this box again and again just for this cushion.

Althea Unporegettable BoxMy daughter got dibs on this Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick. She’s 13 and she’s experiencing the usual adolescent skin problems — excess oil, enlarged pores, blackheads… the works! She describes it as balm for the face, kind of like lip balm. She applies it all over her T-zone and it feels nice and cold. It’s formulated with glacial water from Iceland so it’s super refreshing.

Althea Unporegettable BoxThere’s also a 30ml bottle of Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner. It’s a moisturizing toner which smells like herbs. I like how soothing it is. When my skin is feeling irritated, this is perfect. I’d describe Dear Klairs as Korea’s answer to the American brand Kiehl’s.

Althea Unporegettable BoxI also got a My Beauty Red Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask. When it comes to mask sheets, I prefer hydrogel ones because they feel much cooler on the face. Excited to try this next!

Althea Unporegettable BoxThis box includes a sample Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit. Inside the kit is a sample tube of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam, a small bottle of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner, and a pack of cotton pads.

Althea Unporegettable BoxI got a whopping 8 additional samples. They did promise random samples from a pool of 20. Most notable is the Mamonde Hydrating Flower Essence Mask in Narcissus which is sold for P120 a piece in Althea.

Althea Unporegettable BoxTook this photo the morning I tried the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and Laneige Powder Fit Cushion. I’m really loving all the products in the Althea Unporegettable Box! I’m actually tempted to buy another one just so I can get an extra Laneige cushion.

The Althea Unporegettable Box is super worth it and I highly recommend grabbing one while it’s in stock. I have a 20% off voucher you can use HERE — maximum discount is P200, so you can make the most of it if you order P1,200+ worth of items. It can’t be used for boxes though. I have a detailed review of the Laneige Powder Fit Cushion HERE.

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  • Reply catherine vinluan November 12, 2017 at 9:32 am

    wow! natural look.. effortless.. 🙂 thank you for sharing… xoxo

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  • Reply ara November 17, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    I was told boxes don’t count in the 1500 minimum purchase….

    • Reply animetric November 20, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Yes I just found out! I was able to avail of the discount because I bought other items aside from the box.

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