Althea Red Sparkling Box Review

As I’ve mentioned a while back, I have all 3 Althea holiday boxes. I reviewed the Althea Black Sparkling Box a little over a week ago. It had nothing but makeup inside — which is perfect if you’re a makeup enthusiast. But if you’re one who prefers a bit more variety in your beauty boxes, this box may be the better choice.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxI ordered the Althea Red Sparkling Box as soon as it went online. It’s got a good mix of products. But what really drew me in was the Skin&Lab Red Cream. I discovered the Korean skincare brand Skin&Lab via another Althea box and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxOkay first thing out of the box is this Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23. I’ve already reviewed this in the past. I actually bought the wrong shade before and I’ve since determined that I’m no. 21. This BB Cream is one of the bestselling ones according to Missha’s boutique in Myeongdong, which is where I got mine before. I’m not surprised because the coverage rivals that of a foundation and yet the finish is really natural. Definitely a good product. The Korean SRP is around P650 to P750 depending on the exchange rate. Althea sells it at a discounted price of P560 however.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxSince I had just colored my hair when I got this box, I couldn’t test drive the Masil Dual Tint Color + Treatment in Pink Red just yet. Super love the cute packaging though… and it comes with disposable gloves! I’m expecting this to be similar to the AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment I tried last year. This also promises to color and treat the hair at the same time. Althea sells individual tubes for P260 each. Since there are no reviews online, I don’t know how long the color will last. I guess I’ll have to post one soon lol.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxNow this is the reason why I bought the Althea Red Sparkling Box — Skin&Lab Red Cream. It’s priced at P930 at Althea (marked down from P1,700). If I get the Althea Red Sparkling Box at P1,420, I’ll be getting 5 other items for the additional P490. The Missha BB Cream alone is already P500+ so it’s definitely more economical for me to get the box. It was December when I received my order so I could give away items I won’t be using as Christmas gifts.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxAnyhow back to the Skin&Lab Red Cream. Rather than a cream, I’d describe this product as a watery gel. It’s actually perfect because it’s humid here in our country. Thick creams tend to cause breakouts when used here. It smells like they squeezed out a million roses since Skin&Lab prides themselves on using Damask Roses and stem cells for this product. I experienced a different level of skin dryness this January and this cream countered it perfectly. It comes with a spatula so you don’t end up contaminating the entire jar.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxIn line with the red theme, I also got a tube of Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint in #02 Red. You can use it on both the lips and cheeks. It retails for P198 at Tonymoly outlets here in the Philippines.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxI got more red makeup in the form of this The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadow in #RD01 Red Peony. What’s special about this is it interlocks with other Mono Cube Eyeshadow shades so you can create your own custom eye palette. I’ve never tried red eye shadow before, I’ll keep you posted when I do give it a go.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxThe Althea Red Sparkling Box also contains a Hello Skin Jumiso Chewy Lasticity Mask Sheet which promises to leave the skin looking firm and plump like a hard boiled egg lol. There’s a Pom-Pom Rabbit Keyring and a sample sachet of Skin&Lab Red Serum too.

Althea Red Sparkling BoxI used the Skin&Lab Red Serum sample with the Red Cream. I loved it so much I bought the full 40ml bottle for P880 from Althea (also marked down from P1,700) shortly after! Good thing I acted fast because this is now out of stock. I guess a lot of people were happy with the sample sachet. The main functions of this product are whitening and wrinkle improvement. It’s formulated with extracts from several fruits — Pomegranate, Raspberry, Lycium, Acaiberry, etc. hence the Red label. I wash my face, tone, apply this serum, and then apply the cream. When it comes to skincare you usually start with the lightest and end with the heaviest.

All in all, I found the Althea Red Sparkling Box to be a worthwhile purchase. I’m excited to try the mask and hair color treatment. 🙂

Want to try shopping at Althea? I have a 20% off voucher you can use HERE — maximum discount is P200, so you can make the most of it if you order P1,200+ worth of items. Discount vouchers are not applicable for Althea Boxes though because they’re already super cheap.

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  • Reply Monaliza Valencia January 8, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Hi Ms Rowena, Thanks for this review. I did not order this box coz I have already the Red Serum and Red Cream from their previous box, madodoble lang kase. And still unopen pa til now. Althea addict kase ako. Hehehe. Did you manage to get the Gold Box? Gusto ko un, kaso out of stock na. Kanina nga nagrestock sila ng old boxes, ngayon ay puro out of stock na.

    • Reply Rowena Wendy Lei January 8, 2018 at 9:42 pm

      Yes I was able to buy the Gold Box because I ordered it when I ordered this one, on the 1st day all the holiday boxes were uploaded. 🙂

  • Reply Monaliza Valencia January 8, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Wow. Kaiingit. Will wait for your review with that Gold box. Thanks

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  • Reply Rhania E January 22, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    oh dear! this is really a good buy di ko lng kinuha kasi gusto ko po sana puro skincare lang

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