Adonit Jot Classic — the stylus that doesn’t scratch!

I got to try the Adonit Jot Classic Stylus, a different kind of stylus, on my touchscreen gadgets a couple of weeks ago.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusAdonit Jot Classic looks just like a ball-point pen… well technically it IS a ball-point pen minus the ink. It comes in four colors: red (pictured above), purple, green, and turquoise.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusI love how sleek it is. The matte yet metallic finish gives it a classy look.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusTaking off the cap reveals what’s special about the Adonit Jot Classic.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusThe ball-point tip has a thin, clear disc attached to it. This is so that the stylus tip doesn’t scratch the surface of your gadget’s screen.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusCheck out the ball-point tip and disc in sid. It fully swivels and rotates to give you both precision and control. if you have the Adonit Jot Classic, you won’t need to use your fingertips to write and draw. Remember the game on Android and iOS called Draw Something? The Adonit Jot Classic would be perfect for it! I know because I used to be addicted to it and I would just use my fingertip to draw.

Adonit Jot Classic StylusThe Adonit Jot Classic’s disc tip settles evenly on your screen’s solid flat surface. It’s compatible with all touchscreens. It’s surprisingly easy to use as the disc glides smoothly on the screen surface. You just need to hold it like you would a normal pen.

What I like about the Adonit Jot Classic:

  • I like how it looks! The metallic finish and the rounded edges make it a snazzy accessory.
  • It makes writing and drawing on your touchscreen a lot easier since it’s very precise and easy to manipulate.
  • It’s priced competitively — the Philippine SRP is P950 whereas it costs around US$20 (plus tax) in the US.
  • It’s easy to store since it’s sized just like a pen.

Downside? Since it is sized like a pen, it’s also easy to lose. Plus, it doesn’t work with some screen protectors like Wrapsol, Skinomi, Ghost Armor, etc.

The Adonit Jot Classic is available at all Digital Hub and Beyond the Box stores for P950.

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    Wow may ganitong klase pala na stylus dati, tnx for sharing ☺️

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