Adarna Food and Culture (Sooo Pinoy Food Trip Series)

I was 1 of 15 bloggers invited to embark on an all-day Filipino food trip by Unilever Food Services last June 11, 2011. It was definitely one of the more interesting and unique events I’ve been part of thus far. Instead of the usual meet-up in a restaurant, we all rode a wifi-enabled tour bus that made stops at specific food destinations.

Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityOur first stop and starting point was Adarna Food and Culture located along Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. It’s a place that’s right out of a history book with its traditional Filipino interiors. I can imagine Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere characters fitting right in.
Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityWe were served lunch at Adarna since it was around 12nn when we all converged. We had the typical kanin and ulam (rice and viands) lunch Pinoys are so fond of. To complement our steamed rice, we had Seafood Special (P485, pictured above). Mixed seafood like scallops, shrimp, squid, and breaded fish fillet are stewed together with assorted veggies. It reminded me a bit of afritada.

Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityI was quite surprised with Bicol Express (P298, pictured above) since it came in the form of battered green finger chillies. The chillies are stuffed with ground pork cooked in coconut milk. I managed to finish one whole piece, hehe. Pretty neat!
Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityNothing like a sumptuous meal shared between friends. This particular photo was actually taken by the mystery cellphone without using the flash. It hasn’t been altered in the least — no adjustments in brightness, contrast, hues, etc. And to think Adarna is such a dimly lit place.
Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityI really liked Adobong Batangas Ala Adarna (P240, pictured above). It’s vinegar-based and not too heavy in terms of flavor. The only problem was, it’s really too small to be shared by six people. XD
Adarna Food and Culture Quezon CityFor dessert we each had a serving of Kesong Puti and Langka Fry (P95, pictured above). It’s similar to turon except that it’s filled with kesong puti (white cheese made of carabao milk) and langka (jackfruit) instead of bananas. The fritters are served with caramelized langka syrup. Interesting, but the langka taste was a bit overpowering.

We made several other food stops after Adarna. More on the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip series on my next posts. 😀

Adarna Food and Culture
119 Kalayaan Ave.,
Quezon City

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