Acme Made Skinny Cover for iPad Air

Quite recently we purchased an “open box” iPad Air for our son whose school required it for 9th grade. Since he will be using it every single day, getting a case for it was a must. One of our friends suggested the Acme Made Skinny Cover for iPad Air. We went to Beyond the Box to get one. It was available in Black and Grey, we chose Grey.

Acme Made Skinny CoverAcme Made Skinny CoverAcme Made Skinny CoverAs the name suggests, this brand hails from San Francisco USA. They make laptop, camera, phone, and tablet cases.

acme_made_ipad_case5Anyhow, the Acme Made Skinny Cover for iPad Air is the cover-all type I wanted.

Acme Made Skinny CoverIt’s skinny and super lightweight, all right. Hardshell cover on for the back side and a stain + water resistant SatinShell cover for the screen.

Acme Made Skinny CoverThe inside part of the SatinShell cover is outfitted with a microfiber surface to protect the screen.

Acme Made Skinny CoverThis is how the back side looks.

Acme Made Skinny CoverYou use the case to stand your iPad up like this and maybe watch YouTube videos in landscape view.

Acme Made Skinny CoverIf you need to type, you can set it up like this.

What I like about Acme Made Skinny Cover for iPad Air:

  • It offers all-around protection for the iPad since it pretty much covers everything.
  • It’s stain and water-resistant.
  • It’s super thin and lightweight so it doesn’t make your iPad bulky or heavy.
  • The screen cover has a built-in magnet so your device turns on when you lift the cover and stands by when you put it back
  • It’s super easy to put on and take off! A common problem of mine with iPad book-style covers is how hard it is to put them on and take them off. This one eliminates that problem.
  • It provides easy access to all of your iPad’s ports and buttons.

Downside? It’s doesn’t seem to be one of those cases wherein you can drop your gadget from a great height and have it survive, lol. But then again, I don’t think anyone would be willing to drop his/her iPad Air on purpose no matter what case is on it.

The Acme Made Skinny Cover for iPad Air is available at P2,150 from Beyond the Box. Log on to Beyond the Box on Facebook for a complete list of stores and other information.
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