7 Seven Corners Buffet at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

I used to be a contest addict. I would actively look for and join all sorts of giveaways I’d find in magazines, newspapers, the internet, and sometimes even TV. Eventually I got tired of it, plus I ran out of spare time. Ever since I started being really active here on my blog, I haven’t really been joining. Last year I think I joined maybe 3 giveaways? In fact I remember only 2, lol. Deal Grocer’s Instagram promo last December was one of them.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

I just regrammed, followed, and tagged @dealgrocerdaily and a couple of days later I saw this on my IG feed — I actually won! I won a Celebrated Buffet for 2 at 7 Corners Crowne Plaza! Given our penchant for eat-all-you-can buffets of course hubby and I were thrilled!

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

Last Monday, we decided to have lunch out at 7 Corners in Crowne Plaza Galleria. It wasn’t planned, which is why I was unable to bring a proper camera, all I had was a phone cam. Oh well.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

The 7 Corners Buffet at Crowne Plaza Galleria is markedly smaller in size compared to other hotel buffets I’ve tried. Here’s the cheese and bread section.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Salad Bar

You can DIY your own salad. Gather ingredients from the salad bar and…

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

…place them in this large wooden bowl so you can toss them. The selection was pretty small but I thought it quite sufficient.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Greek Salad

Besides, there are ready-made salads in the lineup too like this colorful and fresh Greek Salad with lots of tomatoes and Feta cheese, two of my favorite ingredients.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Dukkah-Crusted Salmon with Saffron and Green Peppercorn Sauce

There were maybe 20 different dishes of varying origins — Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, Italian…

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Asparagus Stuffed Beef Tenderloin with Burgundy Sauce

There was a pizza and pasta station, carving station, and grilling station.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Tandoori Chicken

I don’t eat like I used to, there were so many dishes I wanted to try but didn’t because I simply did not have the space for them.

US Rib Eye Steak

This was our favorite — US Rib Eye Steak. We asked the chef to grill a slice for us. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much but…

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

Wow! The beef turned out to be really tender and tasty. We were both very surprised. This is hands down our favorite! Unfortunately after I finished this I could no longer get a second plate because I was so full.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

This was my first and only plate aside from the steak. I got naan, cheese, papadams (fave!), curry corn, greek salad, buttered vegetables, salmon, almond mashed potatoes (so yummy!)…

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Hubby’s custom made Chinese noodle soup

Hubby got this from the noodle station. I simply had no more space and I chose to leave room for dessert. I even skipped the sushi.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Apple Crumble

For dessert, there were the usual small cakes lined up in rows but they looked kinda dry so I didn’t get any. Instead I chose to have some Apple Crumble.

7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza
Chocolate Fountain
They have fresh fruits, ice cream, and a chocolate fountain too.
7 Seven Corners Buffet Crowne Plaza

I had tiramisu, a French macaron, one small cake, and Apple Crumble for dessert. Coffee and tea are included in the buffet.

This lunch buffet spread normally costs P1,436 per person but Deal Grocer offered it at a discounted rate of P995 last month. We got to try it for free because I won in their promo!

For P1k per person, I think it’s a good deal because going to a decent steak place would set you back way more than P1k and you can have unlimited amounts of surprisingly good US Rib Eye Steak here. I might have second thoughts if I were to pay P1.5k though because the selection IS pretty limited. Although I can’t really eat huge amounts of food, it’s still better to have a lot of options available.

Still, it was a nice lunch!

7 Corners
3/F Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria,
Ortigas Ave. cor. ADB Ave., Quezon City

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