Figaro Summer Fusion 2015 and Lenten Dishes!

I dropped by Figaro Tomas Morato a little over a week ago to check out their new summer drinks and lenten food offerings.

Figaro Summer 2015 and Lenten Dishes
Four drinks and two dishes were launched.
Figaro Summer 2015 and Lenten Dishes

The new drinks combine different tropical fruits and a bit of coffee together to create some unique flavors:

  • Lychee Cucumber (P125)
  • Peach Cappuccino Fusion (P125)
  • Four Seasons (P125)
  • Passion Fruit Cucumber (P125)

Can you guess which one I liked best? Suprisingly, it was Peach Cappuccino Fusion. I normally dislike peach-flavored drinks but the combination of peach and coffee was surprisingly good. Of the four, it’s the only variant with coffee. The rest are kinda like fruit-flavored ice slushies.

Breaded Dory Sandwich (P135)

The Breaded Dory Sandwich was another surprise. I’m always iffy about dory, being one of my least liked fish. This is dory done right — nice and crunchy outside and tender inside, no aftertaste. Love that it’s served with green salad on the side. This is a meal in itself. It’s affordable too!

Figaro Summer 2015 and Lenten Dishes
Basil Gamberetti Pizza (P189)

This new pizza from Figaro is topped with fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, shrimp, mozarella and pizza cheese. It’s a lot lighter compared to the usual meat-topped pizzas.

Figaro Summer 2015 and Lenten Dishes

Did you know that if you’re a Samsung cellphone user you can download an app called Samsung Galaxy Life via the Google Play Store and score freebies from Figaro along with other partner establishments?

Figaro Summer 2015 and Lenten Dishes

The offers change periodically but at the moment (well up to today anyway) you can get a free Figaro Coffee Club Card which lets you avail of a discount every time you go to Figaro.

Log on to Figaro Coffee Company on Facebook for a list of stores.

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