AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment Review

I bought the AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment from Shopee out of sheer morbid curiosity. I got it for P350 + shipping fee. The online reviews I checked were all positive. Since I color my hair quite often, I’m always on the lookout for new and better products to use.

AprilSkin Turn-Up Color TreatmentI got AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment in Red. It’s a DIY hair color kit which gives your hair a temporary tint that lasts 2 weeks. Each kit comes with a pair of plastic gloves and a cape.

AprilSkin Turn-Up Color TreatmentThere are actually five (5) colors to choose from: Red, Orange, Peach Pink, Pink, and Green Blue. I’m so over orange and blonde shades lol. I stick mostly to brown, red, and burgundy these days. Got my eye on Blue Green so I might just purchase that next. The good thing about this product is it’s really a deep conditioning treatment that nourishes and softens your hair. It’s enriched with 20 herb extracts and jojoba oil.

Much as I want to share application photos, I couldn’t take any because it was too messy. Basically you empty out the tube’s contents into a bowl. I used a plastic bowl similar to the ones salons use. You can find those in Watsons. Then I just used my gloved hands to cover my hair with red paste. I left it on for 20 minutes as per the instructions. I shampooed all the paste off afterwards. Prepare for major color bleeding. My towel had purplish red streaks even after I had tried my best to rinse off the paste.

AprilSkin Turn-Up Color TreatmentThese are my before and after photos. As you can see, my hair wasn’t bleached prior to using the product but I still got dramatic results.

AprilSkin Turn-Up Color TreatmentThis is my hair exactly 15 days after I colored it with April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment. I washed my hair almost everyday. The Red shade I used sort of blended with my previous hair color and I love it! I did use Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner all throughout so that might have helped extend the color.

What I like about AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment:

  • My hair felt so soft and smooth afterwards! They weren’t exaggerating when they said this product repairs and restores damaged hair.
  • It smells soooo good. Very fruity.
  • There are no harsh chemicals — no stinging on the scalp and no fumes that get in your eyes.
  • The color is intense! I was surprised the results were so dramatic.
  • Grey coverage is excellent. They do reappear after 2 weeks though lol.
  • You can mix the colors together to come up with your own unique shade.

Downside? One tube contains very little product. It’s actually a bit lacking for shoulder-length thick hair like mine. I need 2 tubes for best results. If your hair is longer and thicker than mine in these photos, you might need 3 tubes. My color would also bleed every time I wet my hair. This happened for about a week.

AprilSkin Turn-Up Color Treatment has no official Philippine distributor yet. I bought mine from a seller at Shopee. It’s available for P400+ at Althea as well — you can get P200 off if you use my voucher.

All photos on this post (except for the AprilSkin poster) were taken with OPPO F3 The Selfie Expert.

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