Yakult Philippines Factory Tour

Yakult is always a supermarket staple in our family. My kids love it as much as I did when I was a little girl. Since they’re sold in packs of five, I always have to buy my son and daughter one pack each so they won’t fight over the fifth bottle. :p

Yakult Philippines Factory TourWhat is Yakult? Yakult is a fermented milk drink which contains 8 billion live Lactobacillus Casei Shirota Strain (named after Dr. Minoru Shirota who discovered it). It’s probiotics in a convenient little bottle. Probiotics are bacteria which naturally live in the human intestines. Taking probiotics have a host of health benefits like:

  • Improvement of digestion and waste elimination
  • Enhancement of the immune system
  • Prevents growth of harmful bacteria
  • Prevents intestinal tract infection

In fact, Yakult has actually been proven to prevent infantile acute diarrhea.

Yakult Philippines Factory TourI was one of the bloggers invited to the Yakult Philippines Factory Tour in Laguna last May 14, 2011. I’ve been drinking Yakult since I was in gradeschool… and that was like back in the 80’s. I was definitely not passing up the chance to get a glimpse of how it’s made.

Yakult Philippines Factory TourWe were toured around the facility and we saw how milk was cultured in large metal vats. They were subsequently packed into tiny 80ml bottles. Then they left the production line to be delivered to retail outlets nationwide. I’m very impressed at how immaculately clean the factory is. Now more than ever I’m confident that we’re getting a high quality product with Yakult. Did you know that the Yakult Philippines Factory was established in 1978? It has undergone a few expansions since then but it’s still the same facility. They produce a whopping 1.6 million bottles a day!

Yakult Factory PhilippinesThere were also Yakult bottles from around the world displayed there. I’m particularly interested in Yakult Light, I hope we’ll also have that variant here. 😀

Yakult Philippines Factory TourThere are even Yakult skin care products in Japan!

Yakult Philippines Factory TourThis test tube shows us the Mother Starter for the culturing of the milk for Yakult.

Yakult Philippines Factory TourI could not resist taking another photo of the conveyor where all the Yakult bottles pass through. 😀

Yakult Philippines Factory TourYakult is actually amenable to setting up educational trips for students. I think it would make a good field trip destination since a lot of kids love Yakult. I should suggest it to my children’s schools. 😀

Little did I know that several years later, I would find myself at the Yakult Factory in Japan!

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