Whisper Skin Love… the best thing to happen to pads!

Whisper Skin Love Review

Whisper Skin Love Day/Night (P69 for 8’s) / Whisper Skin Love All Night (P69 for 6’s)

I don’t exaggerate when I say Whisper Skin Love is the best pad I’ve used. I got a trial package from Sample Room a while back. I decided to actually WAIT for that time of month so I can test drive the pads.

What supposedly sets Whisper Skin Love apart from other pads is the Japan-designed gentle-to-skin air dry cushion top sheet with 2x more airflow for more comfort and breathability. There are currently two Whisper Skin Love variants out in the market: Whisper Skin Love Day/Night (baby pink packaging) and Whisper Skin Love All Night (purple packaging).

Whisper Skin Love Review

Like most pads in the market, they are individually wrapped. They’re color-coded to match the packaging so it’s easy to tell which variant is which.

Whisper Skin Love Review
Whisper Skin Love Review

Both pads are ultra-slim — approximately 1/3 the thickness of normal pads. The amazing thing is, they have 3x the absorbency at 1/3 the thickness. Believe me, I tried these out last week and wow… everything is perfect from the fit down to the absorbency. Totally no leaks… it’s like I never had my period. I felt totally comfortable and dry the entire time I was using these. Since they’re ultra slim, they don’t bunch up so you can pretty much wear whatever you want. My experience was so nice I didn’t want to go back to my old pad anymore.

Whisper Skin Love Review

The Day/Night and the All Night versions are practically the same, except that the All Night pad is a little longer so you don’t get back leaks even if you sleep. You will NEVER feel hot, sticky, or uncomfortable with these pads.

Whisper Skin Love is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. The good news is, FREE samples (full-sized packs for both variants) are still available at Sample Room so you can still grab some now!

As for me, I’m surely including these in my supermarket list. 🙂

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