When do you rant and what’s next?

Most of us who have an active social media account have posted a rant at one time or another. It could have been anything from one sentence to one novela-level post about something specific. The dictionary defines rant as a verb and as a noun. As a verb, to rant is to speak or shout in a wild, impassioned way. If I say “I hate traffic!”, that already counts as a rant. As a noun, a rant is defined as a tirade. For example, his rants against the government. For me even parinig or patama (I don’t know if there is an exact word for these but closest would be insinuations) that are posted in public view can be considered as rants. While it doesn’t say so in the dictionary, a rant always carries negative connotations. In the age of social media, rants have the ability to go viral.

When You RantWith freedom of speech and all, what we post on our accounts is our prerogative. This applies to everyone, not just bloggers and influencers. Ya’ll just have to remember Newton’s Third Law  — for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Are you unhappy about something? Do you feel you’ve been slighted? Will ranting help your case? In the heat of the moment, the answers will probably be all yes. But what happens after you drop the bomb?

  1. Whoever or whatever you are ranting about will most likely not take it well. If you have any relationship at all, they will wonder why you had to resort to calling whatever it is out in public. They will probably rethink if that relationship is still worth saving or keeping.
  2. People will see it and post comments on it. Sometimes it will even go viral. Whatever the issue is will grow bigger and more people and entities will be involved. Of course if this is the objective, then mission accomplished! But do take note that things will never be the same between you and whoever or whatever you ranted against.
  3. You will probably get what you want. Is it an apology? A token? Compensation? The other party might just do everything to keep the peace… but at what cost to you?

Case in point, I ranted against an organization rather early in my blogging career — MEGA (yes the magazine!) — because I felt mistreated and looked down upon by them at an event they invited me to. It blew up. I never expected it to but the issue got so big and bloated that even bloggers were arguing about it. There were those who sided with me. But then there were also those who called me out and said I should’ve taken up the matter privately. I became someone notorious overnight. There were supporters and there were bashers. Eventually, apologies were issued, tokens were given, but yeah… that’s one bridge burnt. I never heard from them ever again.

Bottomline is, rant against something or someone you’re prepared to cut ties with forever. If this is not your intention, then settle the matter privately. Maybe it’s a good last resort when all else fails. Maybe.

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