What to expect from GCash this 2021

I admit, I only learned to use GCash after the pandemic hit. COVID-19 has made digital wallets a necessity and I wasn’t about to get left behind. To my surprise, I was probably among the last to get on the GCash wagon. Almost all, if not all, online sellers accept GCash. I had no idea a lot of people had already been using it for a while now.

GCash Futurecast 2021But GCash is more than just an e-wallet now. This 2021, GCash has rolled out even more financial and lifestyle services within the app such as:

  • GInvest – This GCash feature lets you invest as low as P50 in professionally-managed local and global funds.
  • GInsure – You can get insurance for medical emergencies such as Dengue, COVID-19, and accidents for as low as P300. With this, consumers can also get assistance for income loss due to any cause.
  • GSave – Now you can save money at CIMB Bank via the GCash app. All you need is a government-issued ID and your smartphone. There’s no maintaining balance, no fees, and no initial deposit.
  • GCredit – Fully verified users with high GScores can get up to P30,000 credit line and up to 3% pro-rated interest rate. The earlier the due is paid, the lower the interest. This is a more viable alternative to high interest loans.
  • GLife – This is an e-commerce feature that allows GCash users to shop and avail of exclusive deals from a wide array of merchants like Gong Cha, McDonald’s, Datablitz, Puregold, etc.

GCash has also introduced GCash QR on Demand. Users can easily generate their own Personal QR. This eliminates the problem of sending money to the wrong accounts. It also gives users the option not to give out their mobile numbers.

I have to admit, GForest is one of the reasons I regularly log on to the app. I want to plant trees and contribute to a greener environment. The more transactions you have, the more “green energy” you get. If you accumulate enough energy, you can plant a REAL tree of your choice in areas like the Ipo Watershed.

The GCash app is free to download at the App Store or Google Play.

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