What can you do with P200?

As a mom, one of the sentences I hear the most is “Mommy, I’m bored…” — especially from my little girl. I would always rack my brain for activities. I would tell her to read, draw, practice her guitar-playing… and even play video games! But more than half the time she would still say she’s bored.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts

During my recent trip to Japan, I bought a whole lot of Kracie Poppin Cookin sets. They cost an average of 245 yen each… that’s around P100 given the exchange rate when I was there. P200 can get you two sets. I think I got over a dozen. Boy did they look fun to do! It really was the perfect solution to my little girl’s boredom. So anyway, one non-school day, she uttered that famous line once more… but this time, I had the solution. I took out a Kracie Poppin Cookin set for DIY donuts.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts

I laid out the box’s contents. The instructions were purely in Japanese so my daughter got her iPad and looked for a tutorial on YouTube.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts

All we needed was water and a pair of scissors basically, to cut through the foil sachets and the plastic molds. She mixed water with the powders.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts
We took turns kneading the dough into different shaped donuts.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts

We mixed some frosting and decorated the donuts with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate icing. The kit came with candy sprinkles and cereal bits we could use as toppings.

Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts
Voila, after about an hour or more, we had finished products!
Kracie Poppin Cookin Happy Donuts

We were excited to taste what we made. I mean seriously, I have always wondered what this edible play food tastes like. To our surprise, our DIY donuts were actually very good! The dark brown dough tasted like chewy chocolate pastry while the lighter colored dough tasted like vanilla custard. Yum! The entire activity consumed a little over an hour. We promptly moved onto a Kracie Poppin Cookin candy-making set right after, haha! Total spending for the afternoon? P200. Now if only these sets would become locally available. Honestly speaking I wouldn’t mind paying P200 per set because it’s worth it.

Come to think of it you can do a lot with P200. You can:

Sun TU200

Not only that, for only P200 you can enjoy unlimited SUN texts, 1,000 texts to ALL networks, plus 5 hours of tri-net calls (SUN, Smart, Talk & Text) valid for 30 days! I’m so blown away. I still remember the TU150 I used to use. I would get unlimited SUN texts and 4 hours of SUN calls. Now for just an additional P50, I get way way more. Even my hubby was shocked (he also used to use the TU150, he’s on SUN Postpaid now) by all the inclusions of the TU200 load. Just text TU200 to 247 to avail of this offer.

Log on to http://suncellular.com.ph/prepaid/loads-and-cards#tab4 for more information.

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