Via Venetto, making the perfect pair of shoes

With the advent of a new year, many women have resolved to update their looks and enhance their wardrobes. Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a big part of this resolution. Everyone wants style and comfort that lasts. We all want a pair of shoes that make heads turn and hearts yearn… whether it be at the office, at a party, or at the mall. Finding that perfect pair brings an inimitable satisfaction for women of all ages and walks of life.

Via Venetto ShoesFor more than 43 years, Via Venetto has been making this pursuit a reality. A mainstay in the Philippine footwear industry, Via Venetto prides itself on its thorough and meticulous process. This is something that most footwear brands have traded in for easy convenience at cheaper price points. The team behind this iconic brand have invested years of research in shoe and leather trade fairs in Italy, Germany and France. Via Venetto aims to innovate. Ideas are curated to execute a collective vision that satisfies the discriminating tastes of today’s market.

Via Venetto ShoesAt Via Venetto, shoes are made “fatto a mano”, which means each pair is painstakingly made by hand using only the finest leathers and component materials.

Via Venetto ShoesTo ensure that each pair is an exceptional representation of the brand, Via Venetto partners with local shoemaking experts to craft and execute each design. This ensures total and uncompromising quality. Local artisans use genuine leather from Italy, Germany, and France along with other materials and accessories from all over Europe. This mix of components gives Via Venetto shoes the capacity to stand the test of time. Their stylish designs and luxurious comfort also keeps customers coming back for more.

Via Venetto ShoesVia Venetto combines fine imported materials with time, energy, and passion. Each pair is made with heart and character to match women of all ages from all walks of life.

You can find your own perfect pair at any Via Venetto store near you. Log on to the Via Venetto Facebook Page for a complete list of stores. You may also visit their website at

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