Universal Studios Hollywood in California, USA

Hello from Los Angeles everybody! Now that most of my blog backlog is out of the way, I can finally begin to share some of the things I’ve been up to while on vacation here in the USA.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAWe went to Universal Studios Hollywood several days ago. Lucky for us, it’s not spring break yet and so the park wasn’t crowded and we could ride and see everything we wanted. The longest wait was 15 minutes… most of the time there’s no wait at all. 😀

Universal Studios Hollywood USAThe park opened at 10am, we were at the entrance by 9:30am. I had already pre-bought tickets online and so we queued up straight at the turnstile area. The first thing we did was take the Studio Tour. Basically, you ride an open air tram and tour the premises. I was very excited because they have a new addition: King Kong 3D. Too bad I can’t share the experience but all I can say is it’s just about the most awesome 3D experience I’ve ever had in my life. Next up was The Fast and the Furious. Two cars, explosions, smoke, loud music… well, you get the picture.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAWe also experienced what it’s like to be trapped in a subway during an earthquake.
Universal Studios Tour Hollywood USAThen we passed by the lake where Jaws the giant shark was. He moved so fast I didn’t catch him with my camera.

Universal Studios Tour Hollywood USA

This is the devastation in War of the Worlds.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAThe Simpsons Ride replaced the Back to the Future ride. It’s also a virtual rollercoaster like its predecessor. Krustyland is pretty impressive.

Universal Studios Hollywood USALuckily my daughter was tall enough to get on The Simpsons Ride. It turned out to be the kids’ favorite among all the attractions. We rode it about 3x then hubby and I started to feel queasy. :p

Universal Studios Hollywood USAWe had a photo op with Bart Simpson himself… also Lisa, Marge, and Homer later on.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAThen we had some Pink’s Hot Dog, the hot dog stand that’s notorious for long lines. It’s visited by celebrities from all over so when I saw that there wasn’t a line I thought it was a good opportunity for us to try.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA
Universal Studios Hollywood USAWe visited the Special Effects Stage and watched as different special effects were demonstrated.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA

We had lunch at Doc Brown’s Fried Chicken.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA

You visit different parts of Universal Studios Hollywood via escalators.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA

We met Scooby Doo and the gang too.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAWe went to the NBC Experience, it’s a museum-like archive where they keep movie and TV show mementos. This is the car used in The Bourne Identity.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA

This is a Coraline diorama at the NBC Experience.

Universal Studios Hollywood USA

I think this is Jaws, haha.

Universal Studios Hollywood USAMy daughter tried riding the Terminator’s motorcycle after we watched the Terminator 3D show. We also watched Shrek 4D.

Hubby and I took turns being single riders on The Mummy ride as our daughter didn’t pass the height requirement and our son didn’t want to go on. :p

Universal Studios Hollywood tickets cost US$74 for adults and US$66 for kids below 48″ in height. For more information, log on to http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com.

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