United Colors of Benetton Perfumes — Hot Gold and Cold Silver!

Benetton is a brand that has been around for as long as I can remember. It was practically the rage when I was in high school. We had Benetton shirts and bags among other things. I will always remember the United Colors of Benetton multiracial ads wherein a mix of Asian, caucasian, and African-American models would grace magazine pages and posters.

Benetton Hot Gold and Cold Silver
Years later, Benetton is still about colors… but those colors have further evolved into scents. Last May 25, Benetton launched its latest scents — Hot Gold and Cold Silver.
Benetton Hot Gold and Cold Silver
I got to preview both scents during the launch. 
  • Benetton Hot Gold is the scent for women. I loved its light, fresh, and fruity notes from the combination of bergamot, golden apple, and yellow peach.
  • Benetton Cold Silver is the scent for men. It’s an unmistakably manly fragrance with top notes from yuzu, coriander, and ginger. I actually won one bottle of this from the on-the-spot Twitter contest held at the event… I wish I had gotten Hot Gold instead though, haha!
Benetton Hot Gold and Cold Silver Eau de Toilette are available in 100ml bottles for P1,375 each at Fresh Fragrance Bars and leading department stores nationwide.
Benetton Bianco and Nero
There was also Benetton Bianco and Nero.

Benetton Bianco and Nero
Bianco for women, Nero for men.
  • Benetton Bianco is characterized by notes from lychees pulp, grape flower, cotton musk, vanilla, and white patchouli among many others.  
  • Benetton Nero is characterized by notes from peppermint, grapefruit zest, lemontree wood, Indonesian patchouli, and black musks among many others. 

I actually liked Nero better than Bianco as Nero’s fruity notes reminded me of Hot Gold somehow. Nero smells light, clean, and crisp which is how I like my fragrances.
Benetton Bianco and Nero are available in 30ml and 100ml sizes for P850 and P1,350 respectively at Fresh Fragrance Bars and leading department stores nationwide.

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