Unique features of Shopboxo online store builder

What is Shopboxo? Shopboxo is an excellent online store builder with unique features that help entrepreneurs keep their business on track. As a business owner, you must consider certain features before choosing an online store builder.


Here are the key features of Shopboxo’s online store builder:

Easy to Use Theme

– Shopboxo lets every business owner create an online store easily. It provides a simple, DIY platform with innovative design features that makes it possible for just about anyone to use. You don’t need to know programming and you can easily experiment and develop your desired store. With the available themes and flexible templates, you can tweak available components and build to your liking.

Secured Payment

– Shopboxo lets customers pay within the platform. You have all your sales records, including number of sales, all in one place. This makes it easier for you to keep a detailed history of transactions without omission.

Store Management

– Do you know it’s easier to find things when they are all arranged? Yeah! That’s the experience you get from building your online store on Shopboxo. Shopboxo has an effective navigation system that makes customers stay longer, increasing the chances of converting leads to sales. The platform is multi-functional — it lets users find what they are looking for based on categories like names, price, and size. If you want your customer to be loyal, you should consider giving them the best online shopping experience.

Seamless Integration

– Shopboxo is a platform where you can easily integrate a host of third-party tools and channels smoothly. This integration gives you an advantage in the digital arena. Shopboxo also facilitates social media channels, logistics channels, multiple payment options, etc. These make running your business efficient, in addition to offering you tools for rapid growth.

Built-in Analytics

– Shopboxo helps you to keep track of trends. Reports let you to understand your customer behavior. This will give insight on how to relate with your customers to get maximum patronage. You can also take periodic stock of your business growth daily, weekly, or monthly as needed.

Mobile Support

– Shopboxo is compatible with mobile devices. You can extend your reach to mobile phone users and generate more leads that will eventually be converted to sales. In the coming years, the number of mobile users will increase, so having a store builder like Shopboxo that can create stores compatible with IOS and Android devices gives you an edge.

Personalized Support

– Shopboxo platform assists you in running your business smoothly in every way. It walks you through every step of the journey of business growth absolutely free of charge.

If you’re looking to delve into selling online, this would be something to consider.

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