UCC Mentore at SM Aura Premier

UCC House Blend has always always been my favorite coffee. It’s what I have always ordered ever since UCC opened in the Philippines. I’ve been drinking it ever since the time it cost P75 a cup (it’s P130 now). That said, I was very excited when I was invited to have lunch at the newly opened UCC Mentore at SM Aura Premier.

UCC Mentore SM AuraIt’s located on the second floor right across Forever 21 and Uniqlo.

UCC Mentore SM AuraOne of the things that make UCC Mentore unique is its al fresco area overlooking BGC. There’s a mini golf putting area there.

UCC Mentore SM AuraFor a minimum food and beverage purchase at UCC Mentore (ask your server how much the minimum is, it depends on how many people you have in your group), you can play a round of mini golf. If you manage to sink the ball into all six holes continuously (no misses) your group’s entire meal is free.

UCC Mentore SM AuraPerusing UCC Mentore’s menu led me to discover new coffee drinks and new food items, as they have a different set of offerings unlike all the other UCC coffee shops. Instead of my usual tried and tested UCC House Blend, I had Perri-Espresso (P180). A shot of UCC Espresso is mixed with Perrier in a tall glass filled with ice. A small glass of honey syrup is served on the side so you can sweeten to taste. I love how light and refreshing it is! This is easily my favorite UCC cold coffee drink.

UCC Mentore SM AuraPerri-Espresso, when mixed.

UCC Mentore SM AuraHubby opted for Iced Rose Hip Cappuccino (P180). You pour in the scarlet-colored rose essence into the coffee and then mix. It smelled and tasted like flowers. I hate flowers. So there. Lol.

UCC Mentore SM AuraI ordered a regular-sized Yoshoku Spa Butter & Soy Sauce Spaghetti with Egg (P300). The regular size is actually pretty big and can be shared by two people. Firm yet chewy spaghetti noodles, cooked perfectly al dente, is tossed in Japanese soy sauce with bacon strips and bell peppers. It’s topped with a pat of butter and a soft egg. Delicious! If I weren’t so afraid of gaining weight I would’ve and could’ve finished it all.

UCC Mentore SM AuraHubby had Pork Omurice Special with Hamburg (P400). It looked like an island with a tree.

UCC Mentore SM AuraHere’s a closer look. Hubby said he was a bit disappointed they didn’t use Japanese rice. The burger patty was good though — juicy, tender, and meaty and complemented by a very smooth tasting savory sauce that doesn’t overpower everything else.

UCC Mentore SM AuraWe also tried Spicy “Shabu Shabu” Salad (P340). Strips of angus beef are tossed with assorted veggies and spicy dressing. Pretty good.

UCC Mentore SM AuraI also ordered Spinach with Cheese (P180) on the side. I think it’s the ideal side dish if you want to make your kids eat veggies. The spinach is smothered in gooey creamy cheese and then baked. It’s soooo good.

UCC Mentore SM AuraFor dessert, we tried Kobe Baked Pudding (P180). Creamy Japanese-style custard flan is served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream. It’s very good — it tastes like the Kobe Pudding my neighbor Mrs. Martinez brought home from Japan last year. ­čśÇ

UCC Mentore SM AuraBut what really blew me away was the Clair Tiramisu (P230). A Clair is a chewy waffle-like crepe with a variety of toppings. This one had strawberries and raspberries, vanila ice cream, and delicious tiramisu. You slice the clair into 4, putting some fruits, ice cream, and tiramisu on each part. You wrap the clair around the fruits, ice cream, and tiramisu and eat as a whole. It’s simply divine… much better than pancakes or cronuts.

If you want a piping hot cup of coffee at UCC Mentore, I highly recommend the UCC Mentore House Blend (it’s different from the usual UCC House Blend but very good nonetheless). Good food, good coffee… UCC Mentore is a must-visit at SM Aura.

Mentore Coffee + Bar by UCC
SM Aura Premier
26th St. cor. McKinley Parkway,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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