UCC Cafe’s Pearl Milk Coffee and other new offerings!

What do you get when you combine the best coffee (haha, is it so obvious that I adore UCC coffee?) and the current cult favorite pearl milk drink?

UCC Pearl Milk Coffee and Tea
You get UCC Pearl Milk Coffee (pictured above, left). Smooth and aromatic UCC coffee layered with milk, syrup, and chewy black tapioca pearls… it’s simply divine.  Not a coffee person? You can always opt for Pearl Milk Tea (pictured above, right). Both cost P119 each. I always order mine with syrup on the side so I can control the level of sweetness.
Buttermilk Pancake at UCC
Although it was dinner time, I decided to try UCC’s Buttermilk Pancake (P90, pictured above). It’s one of the new menu offerings and it’s currently only available at the One Rockwell and Fort branches. Made of fresh buttermilk from scratch, the pancake is soft, fluffy, chewy, and everything I ever dreamed a pancake would be. It’s soooo good. 
Franfurter at UCC
If you don’t like having just plain pancakes you can add either Egg (P25), Banana, Blueberry, Apple (P45) or Frankfurter, Corned Beef, Spam (P145). I had a Frankfurter and it was yummy!
Char Siu Curry Soup at UCC
Hubby decided to try Char Siu Curry Soup Spaghetti (P389, pictured above). Sweet barbecued pork, mushroom, sweet corn kernels, and a hard-boiled egg tops al dente spaghetti noodles simmered in light and milky curry soup. It’s a very unique yet incredibly soothing and flavorful dish.

Japanese Char Siu Pita Pan at UCC
I also ordered Japanese Char Siu Pita Pan (P289, pictured above). Pita bread pockets are filled with sweet barbecued pork, cucumbers, tomatoes, and Japanese mayonnaise. It comes with potato chips on the side. It’s quite filling and I could only manage to finish one piece.
Sausage and Bacon Pizza Toast at UCC
This isn’t really a new menu item but it’s something I consider an all-time favorite — Sausage and Bacon Pizza Toast (P259, pictured above). A gigantic piece of soft, fluffy, and thick toast is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Hungarian sausage slices, bacon pieces, bell pepper strips, and onions. It’s sliced into six small squares so it’s good for sharing. Yum!
Halo-Halo Cake at UCC
An army of desserts followed starting with Halo-Halo Cake (P250, pictured above). It’s ube (purple yam) chiffon cake with layers of leche flan (custard), ube halaya (jam), cream, caramelized banana, langka (jackfruit), macapuno (sweetened coconut strips), red beans served with a big scoop of nangkasuy (jackfruit-cashew) ice cream. It’s topped with cornflakes for an extra crunch.
Mais Con Yelo Cake at UCC
There was also Mais Con Yelo Cake (P189, pictured above). Light vanilla chiffon cake with sweet corn paste is topped with cornflakes and corn kernels. It comes with a scoop of cheese ice cream on the side. 
Pearl Milk Coffee Parfait at UCC
If you like ice cream with your drink, there’s Pearl Milk Coffee Parfait (P239, pictured above). Pearl Milk Coffee is topped with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, coffee jelly, and a cherry.
Mais con Yelo Parfait at UCC
Alternatively there’s Mais Con Yelo Parfait (P199, pictured above).
I love UCC. For me they serve the best coffee in town plus it’s the only place my mom will drink anything else aside from bottled water (she’s a balikbayan) because the beverages and even the house water in UCC all use distilled water. Food is good too. 🙂
Thanks Jin for inviting us to dinner! For a list of UCC branches, click HERE.

UCC Cafe Terrace
G/F One Rockwell West Tower,
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City

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