Mga kuya at ate sa UBER, #KayoRinPo

UBER has been a welcome convenience for me in more ways than I can count. I drive most of the time but during coding days, I just opt not to go out. Sometimes though it’s unavoidable — I’d have a work engagement, a doctor’s appointment, and so forth. I’m too scared to take public transportation like jeepneys, buses, and taxis due to the sheer number of horror stories I’ve come across. I have at least 2 friends (friends — not even acquaintances so I know the whole story) who have been physically assaulted during taxi rides. So really, thank goodness for UBER. It’s my preferred ride sharing app, so much so that I haven’t even tried the others.

Uber Kayo Rin PoI’m really not a very sociable person. I don’t talk much when I ride. My hubby is the social butterfly who can be BFFs with anyone in the vicinity with very little effort. That said, I only get to hear UBER driver stories when we’re riding together. Through our years of taking UBER we’ve come across a driver who used to be the Operations Manager at a factory until it shut down; an ex-OFW who chose to come home because he wants to be with his family; a yuppie who drives during weekends to pass the time and earn a bit of extra cash; the list goes on since we’ve been riding with UBER since 2014. Do take a few minutes to check out the videos below to get to know some of the most inspiring partner drivers.


There have been a lot of inspiring and uplifting stories shared by UBER riders on social media about their drivers. Perhaps next time you (or I) come across an exceptional UBER kuya or ate, we can share their (or our) story with the hashtag #KayoRinPo. Who knows… we might just be able to give them a little something back.


UBER has already started efforts in recognizing their partners who have inspired and taken the utmost steps in taking care of their rider via #KayoRinPo. Let’s share our stories and help spread happiness and goodwill… one ride at a time. I know I’ll be making more of an effort the next time I ride.

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