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A little over a week ago I dropped by Tomato’s flagship store in Glorietta 2 for the Tomato Swap Watch DIY event. My curiosity was piqued because I’ve been hearing things about the Tomato Swap Watch for quite some time now and well, I haven’t really seen one yet. I was told I could make my own customized Tomato Swap Watch so yay, I’ll finally find out what the buzz is about.

Tomato Swap WatchTomato Swap Watches are mix and match timepieces. You can choose a face, choose a strap and boom — your own unique watch! Now you can create a face (yes, all you have to do is supply a photo) and loom a strap (yes, they have special clock face cases which can be used for looming!) for a higher level of customization.

Tomato Swap WatchIf you’re not into designing your own watch, you can grab ready made watches like these ones at P1,300 each. The faces and straps are interchangeable so you can just buy new faces and new straps then swap.

Tomato Swap WatchThere are a lot of ready made clock faces and straps to choose from.

Tomato Swap WatchThese are the Tomato Swap Loom Watches.

Tomato Swap WatchThe loom bands / bracelets are not included, you have to loom your own strap for this.

Tomato Swap WatchHere are some samples.

Tomato Swap WatchFor my DIY Tomato Swap Watch, I took a screenshot of my Xiaomi Mi3’s Mi Bunny theme and told the Tomato folks I wanted a Mi Bunny clock face, lol! I picked a strap for it too. A custom clock face like mine costs P1,000 while the strap is around P350.

Tomato Swap WatchYay for my Mi Bunny Tomato Swap DIY! I love it!

Tomato Swap WatchYay also for a mini get-together with my beautiful blogger friends Martha and Shen! 😀

Tomato Swap WatchTomato Swap DIY Watches are exclusively available at the Online Store.

Tomato Swap WatchHere’s a closer look at my Mi Bunny DIY Tomato Swap Watch.

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