Things to do around Seda Nuvali!

We got up early the next day after a restful night in Seda Nuvali Hotel. Buffet breakfast starts at 6am in Misto Restaurant and we were there a little past 7am.

Seda Nuvali BreakfastBreakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the buffet did not disappoint. There were all kinds of salads and breads, hot foods like congee. champorado, and miso soup, as well as the usual garlic rice and your choice of viand.

Seda Nuvali BreakfastHash brown, bacon, sausages, eggs…

Seda Nuvali BreakfastI had an omelet with everything on it cooked on site.

Seda Nuvali BreakfastYou can have your fill of juices, coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate.

Seda Nuvali BreakfastI liked these pizza breads too.

Seda Nuvali BreakfastAfter breakfast we decided to take a walk at the trail around Nuvali Lake just outside the hotel. There’s a dock at the far end of the lake (there’s another one at Solenad but it’s crowded there). We decided to take a boat ride. It’s P30 per person and there should be a minimum of 6 people before the boat will set off. Since there were only 4 of us we opted to pay an additional P60 just so we could have the boat to ourselves.

Seda Nuvali Boat RideThe boat ride is 8 minutes long. You go around Seda Nuvali and Solenad. It was funny how it got kind of wavy sometime in the middle of the ride.

Seda Nuvali Boat RideThe view is awesome!

Seda Nuvali Boat RideI wish the lake were bigger!

Seda Nuvali Boat RideEverybody had fun!

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingWhen we got back to shore we got some Fish Food (I think it’s around P15 per pack) so we could feed the fish.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingThe Fish Food are actually pellets.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingFish feeding is a fun and relaxing activity that helps you de-stress.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingWatching the fish go at the food is something else.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingThey gather where the food is thrown.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingCan you see the hotel from here?

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingThey’re so wild they remind me of people moshing in a concert.

Seda Nuvali Fish FeedingAfter the boat ride and fish feeding we walked back to the hotel. The kids had another round at the swimming pool.

Misto Restaurant Seda NuvaliWe checked out 12nn and had lunch at Misto Restaurant.

Misto Restaurant Seda NuvaliThere was a set Japanese lunch prepared for us, there were several courses. This tuna sashimi wrapped in lettuce is my favorite dish.

Misto Restaurant Seda NuvaliWe had the usual Tonkatsu, Tempura, Teriyaki Chicken, Miso Soup, etc.

Misto Restaurant Seda NuvaliFor dessert, we had Leche Flan!

After lunch we set off for Manila. It was Sunday and we didn’t want to get caught in traffic — we left Seda Nuvali around 2:30pm and got back home around 4pm.

Thank you Seda Nuvali for having us over for the weekend!

Seda Nuvali
Lakeside Evozone, Nuvali,
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

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