The Winebar at Cafe 1771 at El Pueblo, Ortigas

We were invited to dine at The Winebar at Cafe 1771 last Feb. 3, 2012. It was still known as Chateau 1771 the last time I had dinner there and that was more than a decade ago. For those of you looking for a classy date place, this is a nice establishment to check out. It’s located on the second floor of Cafe 1771 at El Pueblo, Ortigas.
Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasThere’s a chandelier and fully upholstered leather chairs. The interiors reminds me of a luxurious mansion’s study.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo Ortigas

You’re served a complimentary bowl of popcorn while you order.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasFirst dish out was Oyster Rockefeller (P550 for 8 pieces, pictured above). Baked to perfection, the oysters are topped with spinach, bacon, and cheese. It was heavenly, hands down the best Oyster Rockefeller I’ve ever had in my life. Although I’m now watching what I eat, I could not help but eat two oysters!
Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasThen we had a pizza called Holy Cow (P300, pictured above). Don’t know why it’s named that as it had no beef or any type of meat. In fact, it’s a very simple pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, kesong puti (goat cheese), and arugula. It’s delicious, especially if you eat a slice topped with an arugula leaf. I quite enjoyed the clean taste.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasNext up was Spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (P380, pictured above). Crispy, tasty, and not overly spicy, it’s pretty good and that’s high praise from someone like me who disliked chicken. I loved the carrot sticks and blue cheese too.
Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasWe also had Lacquered Salmon (P580, pictured above), which is salmon glazed with a soy sauce and honey reduction. Yummy!

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasOne of our group’s unanimous favorites was Grilled Angus Striploin (P1,400, pictured above). 300 grams of certified angus beef is served with your choice of sauce (Mushroom Gravy or Bearnaise) and salad greens on the side. The beef is very tender and flavorful even without any sauce. Definitely one of the better steaks I’ve eaten.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasWinebar Burger (P410, pictured above) is a unique and sinful offering. 200g of certified angus beef patty is sandwiched with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, a giant house pickle… and served with french fries plus a side of bone marrow. You’re supposed to get some of the bone marrow and rub it onto the burger patty for added richness and flavor. I just had one small morsel of the burger and it was good. It’s one of Winebar’s more popular dishes.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasSpicy Spaghetti Sardines (P350, pictured above) is another favorite of mine. Spanish sardines, capers, toasted breadcrumbs, and chili flakes are tossed together with perfectly al dente spaghetti for a scrumptious pasta experience. I took home an order because we couldn’t eat anymore and even my kids loved it when I served for breakfast the next day.

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasFor dessert, the waiter recommended Monroe Bread Pudding (P250, pictured above). Instead of the usual sloppy juicy bread pudding this one was built like a cake, as standing firm as a slice while topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips. I thought it tasted more like egg tart instead of bread pudding but it was divine all the same.
Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasAnother dessert I liked was Valhrona Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake (P250, pictured above). The cake is very soft and it’s enrobed with rich caramel for a toasty sweet aftertaste. Mmm…!

Cafe 1771 Wine Bar El Pueblo OrtigasCoffee Pie (P220, pictured above) is Chateau 1771’s signature dessert. Coffee filling on a chocolate-cashew crust, cream topping, and toffee sauce drizzled over it. Definitely a fitting end to a perfect meal!
Excellent food and service complement The Winebar’s opulent interiors. If you want to impress someone, this establishment fits the bill. As the name suggests, there’s a sizable selection of wine for your enjoyment… it’s just that our group isn’t really comprised of drinkers. I’m not keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but if you are, you might as well consider The Winebar if your wallet can take it.

The Winebar at Cafe 1771
El Pueblo Real De Manila J. Vargas cor. ADB Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
631-7340 and 39

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