The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox Plan Results (Part 2)

Okay, I recently went through The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox Plan which entailed me eating purely vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds. I gave my body a break from meat, wheat, and processed food. They went on sale and so I was able to avail of the 7-day program for P7,500 instead of the usual P8,400. Now a lot of you have been asking me what the effect was after 7 days — Did I lose weight? Did I feel detoxified? Anyway here’s a refresher on what kind of food I had for an entire week…

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanBreakfast: Warm Lemon Water (not shown in photo) & Brown Rice Arroz Caldo with Malunggay and Tofu Bits

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox Plan
Mid-morning Snack: Atomic Carrot from Juju Cleanse

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanLunch: Hearty Chickpea Soup (not shown in photo) & Romaine Salad with Pine Nuts and Cranberries with Balsamic Dressing

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanMid-afternoon Snack: Pineapple Chips

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanDinner: Refreshing Soba Noodles

In general, every meal was a pleasant surprise. I’ve never been vegan, much less vegan for one whole week, and I found myself getting excited over what I was going to eat next because almost everything was delicious. ALMOST.

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanDay 7’s lunch was THE WORST. Had they not served me this extraordinarily bland Veggie Vermicelli, I would have given The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox Plan a perfect score for taste. It was so bland I could not force myself to eat it even if I was practically starving. Luckily, it came with Rainbow Salad and Creamy Sesame Dressing which I wolfed down like there was no tomorrow. I knew I was going to regret not finishing it because wow, I would get really hungry in between meals when I was doing this diet plan. Still, I could not bring myself to finish it because it was so tasteless, kinda like a bunch of leaves and noodles boiled in plain water (which is probably what it was).

The Sexy Chef Eat Clean Detox PlanDay 5’s breakfast was strange. Wasn’t I supposed to be taking a break from processed food? Why was I getting soya milk in a tetra pack? I even read the ingredients. I’m pretty sure there were chemicals.

I lost 3 lbs after 7 days. Given the torture of being hungry all the time, I expected to lose more. It was hard. I would go to sleep hungry. I felt like I was always starving. I’d eat every single leaf, seed, nut, whatever plus I was on the verge of drinking the leftover salad dressing. Looks like I may have gained it all back by now because the very next morning after detox I had Spam Tocino for breakfast. I ate red velvet cupcakes and steak too. I was just so hungry for everything. It did not reset my taste buds, it magnified my desire for FOOD. I was always thinking of food probably because I would get so hungry.

When I did Juju Cleanse, I lost my appetite for the unhealthy afterwards and so I kept off the 3 lbs I lost in 3 days. I also went to the bathroom a lot more. I had better skin and I just felt lighter and healthier. So detox-wise, I would still recommend Juju Cleanse. The cost is nearly the same.

On a more positive note, The Sexy Chef delivers on time all the time. All the dishes were delicious too, except for Veggie Vermicelli. The portions were small and I wonder if it’s standardized for everybody, because I’m thinking what if I were a 6-foot tall 300-lb dude, would they still give the same serving sizes?

If you’re still interested in this program, log on to If you do decide to sign up, please do mention that you were referred by me (Rowena Lei) as they can give me a rebate if I refer people. 🙂

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