The Rogue Magnum by Chef Miko Aspiras at Magnum Manila!

I dropped by Magnum Manila at SM Aura earlier today to check out their latest offering… The Rogue Magnum by Chef Miko Aspiras. It’s a collaboration between Magnum and Rogue Magazine. I’ve been seeing it online since it’s been available since May 21 but it’s only today that I’m actually trying it out.

The Rogue Magnum at Magnum Manila

Chef Miko himself had a hand in preparing the army of Rogue Magnums for us. I was excited because it seemed the most different out of all the Magnum desserts on the menu. It’s not chocolate-based and well, it’s served in a jar so it’s perfect for one person hahahaha!

The Rogue Magnum at Magnum Manila

I was practically drooling as soon The Rogue Magnum was set in front of me. At the bottom of the jar are light and crunchy pieces of cashew meringue. It’s topped with marscapone mousseline and fresh juicy strawberries. Then it’s drizzled with fig-flavored balsamic cream. On top of it all is a vanilla Magnum bar dipped in white chocolate and covered with freeze-dried strawberries and almond shards. Chef Miko says this dessert symbolizes the fusion of old and new, in the same way that Rogue Magazine presents fresh new ideas amidst an air of nostalgia.

The Rogue Magnum at Magnum Manila

OMG it’s sooooo good. I finished the entire jar all by myself… and I’m not even into ice cream. The best way to eat this is to mix the meringue, mousse, and strawberries together and then alternate spoonfuls of it with bites of the Magnum bar. Yum. It’s soooo heavenly. It’s my new favorite dessert from Magnum Manila. It costs P440 per order.

The Rogue Magnum at Magnum Manila

We were also shown previews of Magnum Manila’s up and coming ice cream creations to celebrate Chocolate Month. This is the Waffle Crisp Duo. I’m not sure if that will be the final name but it’s two Magnum bars (one vanilla and one chocolate) sandwiched between thin crisp waffle pieces then coated with Belgian chocolate (dark and white respectively) and nuts (almonds and pistachios).

The Rogue Magnum at Magnum Manila

This is the White Chocolate Heaven. A white chocolate coated blondie (opposite of brownie, lol) on top of thick and creamy lemon curd sauce is topped with a vanilla Magnum bar coated with white chocolate and then topped with white chocolate shavings.

The Rogue Magnum will be available for a limited time — until July 31, 2014 to be exact. If it does very well however its run may be extended.

Waffle Crisp Duo and White Chocolate Heaven will be available soon along with other new Magnum ice cream creations. 😀

Magnum Manila
5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier
Mckinley Parkway, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

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