The newest TOSTEM Collection: ATIS, the Art of the View

A dream home is not just made of its interiors and exteriors. What also makes it your dream home are the views outdoors that you can unite seamlessly with the inside. TOSTEM, global leader in housing technology, unveils ATIS, its newest collection that transforms these views into moving art, that bringing the beautiful outside world in.

TostemATIS: The Art of the View is a collection of windows and doors that believes in simple beauty and the beauty of simplicity. Created with artistry and minimalism in mind, with ATIS there are no obstructions or distractions. ATIS will change the way we build and live — frame by frame.

Born from the innovation and technology of Japan, TOSTEM has over half-a-century of experience forged into its collections. With ATIS, TOSTEM offers windows and doors that go above and beyond Japanese Industrial Standards. ATIS offers harmony of functional performance and simple design.

ATIS promises top of the line security together with a unique aesthetic for your home. With ATIS all the hardware is concealed, you won’t see any caps and screws, yet its technology, quality, performance, and design all work beautifully. The collection features a wide array of product offerings that fit your aesthetic and lifestyle. Sliding windows come with a stopper that ensures user safety. The awning window comes with an orbit handle — simply designed, simply functional. All ATIS windows are equipped with the smart screen system which provides an invisible shield. It keeps insects out while letting more air in. It also increases transparency. The view is always unimpeded. The end goal is not just window or door frames after all – it is beauty.

At the heart of the design philosophy of TOSTEM lies the creation of products to bring joy to your home. The smallest details of your daily interaction with windows and doors are considered for the best possible experience.

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