The NEW Magnolia Gold Label is here!

I grew up with Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. My grandmother would stock all different flavors in our freezers. My favorite was Double Dutch. Then Magnolia Ice Cream became Magnolia Nestle. Then it disappeared altogether. Now it’s back and it’s better than ever! It even sports a more stylized version of the gold script logo I remember from my childhood.

Magnolia Gold LabelMagnolia Ice Cream has a long history behind it. It’s been around since 1925. This time though, it’s made with fresh carabao’s milk for a creamier texture. It’s also certified pure and free from artificial flavors. More than the classic flavors, Magnolia Gold Label now has more adventurous fare like Wintermelon Milk Tea and Taro White Cheese. There are also two new unique flavors — Chocolate Peanut Butter (made with Skippy’s Peanut Butter) and S’Mores.

Magnolia Gold LabelWe had a taste of S’Mores and wow! It’s incredibly rich and creamy. They certainly don’t skimp on ingredients. I could taste the chocolate, the marshmallows, and the graham.

Magnolia Gold LabelExpectation vs. Reality but in a good way — the actual ice cream looks much better than the photo on the package!

Magnolia Gold LabelMagnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is available in 1.3L (P350) and 800ml (P235) tubs as well as 450ml (P150) pints. They’re surprisingly affordable which is so awesome considering these are really premium quality products. I kinda got used to the P400+ per pint artisan ice cream so P150 per pint is a frickin’ steal. There are so many interesting flavors to boot — I just want to try them all!

Magnolia Gold LabelAs an introductory promo, if you buy from Magnolia Gold Label from San Miguel’s Official Shopee Store, you can use the code SANMGOLD and get a free 450ml pint for every purchase of 1.3L. The code is good until Nov. 2, 2021 so grab yours now! Alternatively you can also buy from Lazada.

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  • Reply Rome Balde June 27, 2022 at 1:29 pm

    Magnolia gold label ice cream bucket is difficult to open. Especially the pint. My whole family hurt its fingers trying to open it. I advise everyone not to buy these products until the company fixes this problem. If you don’t believe me, go ahead buy one. I’m not trying to ruin Magnolia’s name. Their ice cream is delicious. I’m a Magnolia boy. But I can’t say the same about the new bucket design. That one sucks. You can’t even pry it open with a spoon. You need brute finger strength. Bring back the old bucket design please. We just want to eat our ice cream!

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