The miracle of SOME BY MI beauty

Korean brand SOME BY MI offers a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, and even haircare products. The words “something” and “by a miracle” were combined with “mi” which means “beauty” in Korean. Thus the brand name SOME BY MI was born. My first encounter with SOME BY MI was when I bought their AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner. It’s probably one of the best toners I’ve used as it clears up skin so well. I’ve been interested in the brand since. However, my favorite product is actually their Miracle Repair Treatment for the hair. It’s the only hair treatment that can tame my impossibly frizzy locks and make it look decent with minimal effort.

Some By MiAnyhow, beauty products will never really disappear from my cart so now I have three (3) SOME BY MI products to try — Miracle AC Clear Spot Treatment (₱578), Yuja Niacin Dark Spot Correcting Stick (₱700), and Retinol Intense Triple Action Eye Cream (₱650).

Some By MiMiracle AC Clear Spot Treatment (₱578) is actually for my kids who are young adults and are more prone to acne and breakouts. It clears the skin, controls oil, treats existing pimples, and prevents new ones from forming. It’s formulated with Teatree Leaf Water along with other active ingredients like Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Artemisia Annua Extract, etc. I find the ingredients quite similar to the Miracle Toner I’ve tried before so I’m pretty confident about this product’s efficacy.

Some By MiThis one is for me, the Yuja Niacin Dark Spot Correcting Stick (₱700). I have a dark spot on my face which I want to get rid of, so I’ve been buying various products for it. This one is formulated with 5% Niacinamide and Yuja Extract so I have high hopes for it. Will update when I’ve used it enough.

Some By MiRetinol Intense Triple Action Eye Cream (₱650) is also for me. It promises to reduce wrinkles, brighten, and firm up the skin which is exactly what I need since I just celebrated my 48th birthday. Eye cream is something I can’t do without and at this age, I think I can try one with retinol now. Now retinol and the sun do not mix so I will use this product at night.

Avail of the best deals at the SOME BY MI Store on Shopee. Products are shipped straight from Korea and have the longest shelf lives. All the above were manufactured in 2022 and will be expiring by 2025! You’re assured the stuff you order are fresh from the factory. What’s more, SOME BY MI is having a Pre-Opener event in Shopee this October 20 so the first 50 to try their Retinol Serum can avail of 30% off vouchers. The top 3 best reviews will be awarded ₱700 vouchers too. Check it out!

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