The Bellevue Signature Club

One way to spoil yourself to the extreme is to get a signature or club type of room in a hotel when you check-in for a staycation, one that gives you access to an exclusive lounge like The Bellevue Signature Club.

Bellevue Signature ClubSo yes, since we were checked in a Bellevue Signature Room, we had access to The Bellevue Signature Club, an exclusive lounge located on the 21st floor.

Bellevue Signature ClubWhoa, it’s very plush and elegant! You can watch TV while having snacks. There’s a selection of magazines and newspapers for you to read too.

Bellevue Signature ClubEverything looks and feels so brand-spanking new I could’ve sworn the hotel just opened yesterday. Some hotels exude an old-ish ambiance, this one doesn’t! The Bellevue Manila is really doing a stellar job maintaining the entire place.

Bellevue Signature ClubSo anyhow, if you walk in any time at The Bellevue Signature Club, you can enjoy refreshments like softdrinks, juices, coffee, tea, water…

Bellevue Signature ClubThere are always pastries and cookies you can match them with. They are replenished on a regular basis so if you think there’s too little of them just say the word.

Bellevue Signature ClubI got an ube marble cupcake, a danish, and a mini ensaymada to go with my cappuccino. My hubby and kids got their own refreshments… daughter was even able to order a hot chocolate. They actually serve heavier cocktail fare and fancier drinks from 6pm-8pm but we were unable to check them out as we had a lauriat dinner scheduled at 6pm.

Bellevue Signature ClubThe next morning, we went back to The Bellevue Signature Club for breakfast!

Bellevue Signature ClubThere was a bustling breakfast buffet spread. They had all the basics covered like DIY fresh garden salad…

Bellevue Signature Club…and piping hot congee with a ton of condiments like preserved vegetables, pork floss, bonito flakes, seaweed, boiled peanuts, etc. I couldn’t resist having a bowl.

Bellevue Signature ClubThere were fresh fruits, juices, and yogurt too.

Bellevue Signature ClubIf cold cereals are your thing, check!

Bellevue Signature ClubAssorted pastries too, much like the ones offered during tea time.

Bellevue Signature ClubBreakfast isn’t complete without bread…

Bellevue Signature ClubMeats? They have tocino, sausage links…

Bellevue Signature Club…potato wedges, and lots of bacon!

Bellevue Signature ClubCheese and dried fruits, my favorite!

Bellevue Signature ClubCold cuts are also offered.

Bellevue Signature ClubYup, more fresh fruits! I loved their pineapples.

Bellevue Signature ClubThis was my breakfast plate. You can order eggs cooked the way you want, I had mine poached but they served it on a separate plate.

Bellevue Signature ClubYou can ask them to whip up some pancakes too, just like this! Daughter attacked them with gusto, lol.

You can check-in and check-out of the hotel via The Bellevue Signature Club too! It’s much more convenient compared to queuing up at the lobby reception area. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, access to The Bellevue Signature Club makes getting a Bellevue Signature Room well worth the additional cost! 😀

The Bellevue Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines 1781

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