Weekend family dinner at TGIFridays Tomas Morato!

When our cook takes the day off, we eat out. Neither my hubby nor I cook and she takes a lot of days off so we end up eating out a lot. Last December, she took a 3-week vacation. As if 5-6 days off a month wasn’t enough. I don’t even deduct these days off from her salary. Considering how difficult it is to find trustworthy helpers, we pretty much grin and bear it.

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoSo one such mealtime last December we headed for TGIFridays Tomas Morato. It’s located on the ground floor of Hotel Rembrandt. It sort of reminds me of the TGIFridays on the ground floor of Holiday Inn at The French Quarter in Louisiana. I went on a business trip (I was 20-something then) and had dinner with my uncle there. They had Louisiana specials like Gumbo and Jambalaya, just like we have our own local favorites like Fridays Pork Adobo and Filipino Pork Liempo. I wonder if that TGIFridays in the French Quarter is still alive. The time I was there was way before Hurricane Katrina drowned Louisiana. Anyhow it just occured to me that this is actually the first time I’m blogging about our dining experience at TGIFridays and we’ve eaten here so many times!

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoWe settled into a booth and perused the menu.

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoHubby and I were tired of all the rich party foods last December so we decided to start our dinner with a light salad, Shanghai Chicken Salad (P545). Slices of fire-grilled citrus chicken breast are tossed with romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, diced tomatoes, and low-fat cilantro lime dressing. It’s super refreshing, we liked it a lot. The citrusy non-creamy dressing was just what we needed to break from all the high-fat fare we had been having during the holidays.

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoOur son had a Jack Daniel’s Burger (P550). Our whole family is obsessed with Jack Daniel’s sauce so we pretty much order Jack Daniel’s dishes whenever we’re at TGIFridays. It’s a hefty burger that has melted American cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. The patty is basted with Jack Daniel’s sauce but you get some more of the sauce on the side. Yum!

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoOur daughter had Jack Daniel’s Chicken (P475). According to the menu this is supposed to have seasonal vegetables but the server informed me corn-on-the-cob was what they had on hand. You get to choose between cheddar cheese mashed potatoes or rice pilaf, our daughter opted for rice. She can’t live without rice, lol. I was surprised three pieces of grilled chicken breast was included and our daughter was able to finish two while I had one. I love how it’s tasty without being overly sinful.

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoIf you’re not a chicken person, you can opt for Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop (P475 for 1 piece / P675 for 2 pieces). Same everything except that it’s pork. Hubby had this one instead as he’s not a fan of chicken breast lol.

TGIFridays Tomas MoratoI opted for an order of Tortilla Crusted Fish Tacos (P455). I first tried this at TGIFriday’s in Guam. Crispy nacho-crusted white fish, shredded lettuce, corn salsa, creamy lemon dill remoulade sauce are all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. There are tortilla chips and salsa on the side too. It’s super yummy!

I swear I will order a TGIFridays dessert when we go back. We’re always guilty of stuffing ourselves too much that a lot of the time we can’t make dessert fit into the meal, lol! We love that TGIFridays servings are great for sharing and then there’s our unanimous favorite — Jack Daniel’s sauce! As usual, the service was great — friendly, accommodating, and prompt. We dine at TGIFriday’s ever so often so I’m 100% sure we’ll be back.

TGIFridays Tomas Morato
G/F Hotel Rembrandt,
Tomas Morato Extension, Quezon City

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