Teddy Bear Museum at N Seoul Tower, South Korea

We walked all the way uphill to get a peek of the Seoul Tower one cool day while in South Korea. In order to gain access, we also had take an elevator, ride a cable car, and climb lots of stairs. I didn’t think it was THAT tedious trying to get there. Thank goodness it wasn’t hot. It made the entire traverse a lot more bearable.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaBy the time we got to where Seoul Tower stood, our feet were killing us.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaWe went inside in order to visit the Teddy Bear Museum.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaTeddy bears of all shapes and sizes were displayed in the museum.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul Korea

There were elaborate dioramas depicting South Korea’s rich history. These displays are special because they are equipped with sensors that detect your presence. If you’re close enough, the teddy bears actually move.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaI could’ve sworn the exhibits were pages off Chinese history…

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaWhy did ancient Korea look so… Chinese? I was too lazy to read the accompanying loong write-ups which accompanied each scene so I guess I’ll just Google it.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaHow cute is that? Teddy bears riding horses! XD

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaThe kids had a blast checking out all the bears.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaThere was a whole pavilion devoted to Korean history.

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaAt the second pavilion, the bears are shown in a more contemporary setting…

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaYes, they even have a depiction of Rodeo Drive among other modern day scenarios, haha!

Teddy Bear Museum Seoul KoreaThere was even a grand teddy bear wedding!

Teddy Bear Museum is just what it is — a place full of teddy bears! Interesting for a first time visit but I don’t foresee us going back there in the future. Fortunately, ticket prices are pretty inexpensive… 8,000 won (about P304) for adults and 5,000 won (about P190) for kids.

For more information including exact location and operating hours, log on to http://www.teddybearmuseum.co.kr/Etc/English.asp

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