SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ Review

How ironic that I’m writing about sunblock on a rainy Sunday like this. Being the sun phobic that I am, it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy… I’d still slather on sun protection before leaving the house. I drive myself everywhere so my arms and face are always exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewGiven my love for Japanese products, I was only too happy to try out SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ by Mentholatum. Just when I thought SPF 100 was the ultimate, SunPlay comes out with SPF 130, which means I’m getting 130x my normal sunburn protection. Never mind if I’m just driving to the office, it is my belief that you can never get too much SPF since the sun’s harmful rays causes photo damage (age spots, wrinkles, you name it!).

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewI adore the super cute bottle! It’s soooo Japanese. Oh yeah, ever wondered what PA+++ stands for? I did too. It turns out that it’s Protection grade for UVA. The number of + signs indicates how many times the skin is protected against darkening. SunPlay’s PA+++ means that it offers 8x more protection. Now I understand why I burned so badly with a high SPF sunblock I used last month… it had no PA+++!

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewTaking off the cap reveals a milky white liquid that has a thin water-like consistency. According to the package instructions you need to shake it well before use.
SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewPutting it on my skin is a surprise. It’s very light and watery, unlike most sunscreens I’ve used which are thick and creamy.

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewIt runs just like water. Rubbing it onto your skin results in a clean, dry finish that’s totally grease-free. You just get a slight sheen. It’s perfect for our humid climate since you don’t feel sticky and icky. 😀

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ ReviewOkay so this is how it looks after I’ve applied in onto my face first thing in the morning right after washing. Since it’s not oily or greasy, it’s perfect for wearing under make-up since it’s like there’s nothing on your skin.

SunPlay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ costs P399 per bottle and is exclusively available at Watson’s. I think it could very well take the place of my favorite L’Occitane Immortelle Very Precious Fluid SPF 40 PA+++ which has unfortunately been phased out. It’s a less expensive alternative too since L’Occitane costs P2,000+ per bottle.

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