Summer at Starbucks

Starbucks’ Summer Party was the first event I attended after getting back from a family trip to Hong Kong. They told us we could swim.

Starbucks Summer 2016It was my first time at the venue, La Reve Events Venue. Starbucks got the pool area and set up mats and pillows so we could all sit and chill beside the pool.

Summer at Starbucks 2016We have two new Starbucks Frappuccino drinks for the summer:

  • Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino (P180 Tall / P190 Grande / P200 Venti) – I kid you not when I say the BEST part of this drink is the Earl Grey Jelly. I’m not big on chocolate drinks unless its thick rich hot chocolate but the Earl Grey Jelly is a must-try!
  • Double Chocolate Green Tea Frappuccino (P175 Tall / P185 Grande / P195 Venti) – Have you tried Green Tea Kitkat? If it ever became a drink, it would taste like Starbucks’ Double Chocolate Green Tea Frappuccino. Matcha green tea is combined with java chips, chocolate sauce, milk, and ice.

Summer at Starbucks 2016It’s easy to see which of the two drinks I prefer, lol!

Summer at Starbucks 2016Here’s something new that’s now being sold at Starbucks — Go Lite! Popped Chips (P50). Only 100 calories per bag, these Sweet Maui Onion-flavored chips are light yet flavorful. I think I finished a bag during the event.

Summer at Starbucks 2016Every summer Starbucks introduces a new lineup of food items and this summer is no different. My hands down favorite from this year’s roster is the Breakfast Pancakes (P95). Three words: Best pancakes ever. You don’t even need to put butter, syrup, or jam. They’re great eaten as is.

Summer at Starbucks 2016Chicken Parmigiana Wrap (P165) is for you if you want a tasty sandwich with a balance of meat and veggies. This has chicken, eggplant, pomodoro sauce, and two cheeses — mozzarella and parmesan!

Summer at Starbucks 2016Chicken Milk Bun (P75) is a soft milky bun filled smoked sesame chicken fillet (which kinda resembled tuna in terms of texture). It’s also topped with sweet cookie crumbs. Talk about combining savory and sweet.

Summer at Starbucks 2016Sausage and Spinach on Focaccia Bread (P175) is just as the name suggests, a sandwich made with focaccia bread, Italian sausage slices, and what seemed like swiss cheese.

Summer at Starbucks 2016Purple Yam Cheesecake with Red Mung Bean and Macapuno (P140 per slice / P1,550 whole) is something unique. I liked the smooth purple yam cheesecake but I found it to be overly sweet. The people around me seemed to like it though so don’t let me stop you from trying lol. I’m biased because I hate macapuno.

Summer at Starbucks 2016If there are new food items and beverages, there are also new Starbucks Cards! I’m actually the proud owner of this limited edition Vivienne Tam Starbucks Card. It features her trademark “Bird and Flora” print. You can get yours starting July 1, 2016 with an initial consumable load of P1,000. Oh and there’s a matching Vivienne Tam “Bird and Flora” Starbucks Tumbler too!

Summer at Starbucks 2016Then there’s the Scales Starbucks Card. Inspired by the Starbucks siren’s tail, the scales seem to change colors when you tilt the card towards or away from you. This is now available for an initial consumable load of P300 at all Starbucks stores nationwide.

Summer at Starbucks 2016There was a Starbucks cup designing contest during the event and I came up with this floral print which I drew using the provided pens. I didn’t know what the prize was but since I was already there I figured I may as well give it my best shot. What do you know they picked the 3 best designs and mine was one of them! For my effort I took home a Starbucks Slushie Maker, I’ll blog about it soon! 😀

sStarbucks FizzioIf you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t fret, Starbucks has 2 awesome non-coffee concoctions to cool you down. Meet the Starbucks Fizzio Sparkling Beverages! They come in 2 flavors: Red Cranberry with Grapefruit Foam Fizzio (P120 Tall / P135 Grande / P150 Venti) and Coconut Water with Watermelon Granita Fizzio (P120 Tall / P135 Grande / P150 Venti). These refreshing drinks are available only at the following Starbucks stores:

  • Capital Commons, Pasig City
  • Trinoma Level 2, Quezon City
  • Matalino St., Quezon City
  • Festival Mall, Alabang

What’s more from June 13 to 21, 2016 customers who purchase the featured Fizzio beverages will receive a P50 discount on any lunch sandwich.

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  • Reply Denice June 13, 2016 at 11:35 am

    Pancakes? Must try tomorrow! I will take your word that it is great eaten as is!

  • Reply Meikah Y Delid June 13, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Cute! Wish we could exchange our old Starbucks cards with the newer ones! Ha ha!

  • Reply Arlene June 13, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    I’m not a coffee-person and I don’t really get the buzz of Starbucks but I do get its ambiance (only when it’s not too crowded). Anyway, nice art-in-a-cup you designed there! It looks like a fun event!

  • Reply Neri Ann June 13, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Such a nice event especially for coffee lovers out there!

  • Reply Mommy Anna June 20, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    I want to try new dish and the cake, for the coffee I am loyal to dark mocha and white chocolate only 🙂

  • Reply Louisa June 21, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Looks like it’s time to pay Starbucks another visit. So many food items to try!

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