Studio SnR Coffee Tea By Me… the Be Your Own Barista (BYOB) workshop!

Given my great love for coffee and tea, I think it’d be practical for me to actually learn how to craft my own hot and cold drinks, yes? The thing is, you can’t drag me to culinary school because I once almost chopped off my index finger while slicing ham as a teenager.

Studio SnR Coffee Tea By Me Be Your Own Barista WorkshopFortunately for me, there’s Studio SnR’s Coffee Tea By Me — a 3-hour Be Your Own Barista (BYOB) workshop. I first learned about Studio SnR’s lifestyle workshops via my friend and fellow blogger Askmewhats. She was promoting Studio SnR’s make-up workshops featuring luxury brands like Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, and Majolica Majorca. The Coffee Tea By Me series however was introduced to me by Topaz Horizon (Thank you Frances!). 😀

This is the closest I’ve come to being a barista:
Animetric the Starbucks baristaAnimetric the Starbucks baristaAnimetric the barista

…and needless to say I made a mess hahaha!

The 3-hour hands-on Be Your Own Barista workshop will teach you (and me) how to make hot beverages and ice blended drinks. We’ll also get to craft our very own java fixes with the best creation bagging a special prize! While this won’t turn you into a certified professional barista, at the very least you’ll be able to whip up really cool drinks afterwards.

Participants get to bring home starter kits and recipe booklets worth P6,000 so they can get started as soon as they get home!
The fee is P3,000.00 per person inclusive of all materials with some on site vouchers. However you can avail of the P2,700.00 promo price until September 27, 2011. Enroll with a friend and avail of the special P2,500 per person rate for groups of two attendees!

You can register for the workshop here – or visit Studio SnR on Facebook for more information. 😀

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