Strip’s Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax and V-Blush Treatment!

Last November 17 I tried out Strip’s latest offerings… the very festive Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax and the V-Blush whitening and tightening treatment for the underarms.

Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax at Strip

The gingerbread wax smelled really yummy. I wanted to eat it. Hahahaha! I love gingerbread cookies and so… wow, I was in aroma heaven.

Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax at Strip

Anyhow, at Strip, getting your underarms waxed is a very quick and efficient process. Hot wax is spread all over your underarm area with unwanted hair. What I’m holding in the photo above is the wax that was used for my underarm.

Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax at Strip

This is probably TMI (too much information) but that’s how hair is removed. The wax covers everything and then it’s pulled off along with all those unwanted hairs. It’s a one-time thing then if there are any leftover strands they are plucked with tweezers.

V-Blush Treatment at Strip

After my underarms were waxed I was set to try the V-Blush Treatment using this machine. It can whiten and tighten various parts of the body, especially the underarms. It’s actually a form of IPL (Intense Pulse Laser).

V-Blush Treatment at Strip

First this cold gel is applied all over your underarm area. Then the machine’s wand is massaged across the skin surface. There’s a tingly prickly sort of feeling. The treatment lasts for about half an hour total for both underarms. The Stripette can take before and after photos of your underarms should you wish to compare and gauge the results. In my case, the lines I had lightened just after one treatment. No, I don’t have photos to show I’m not that… brave. Hahaha! Strip is currently offering V-Blush at 50% off the regular rate from November until December 2012. I was told you will need about 6 sessions to reap the full benefit and walk away with really white, fair, and firm underarms. You will however already see a difference after one treatment.

Free gingerbread cookie at Strip from Party Perfect!

Oh yeah, all Strip clients get a free gingerbread cookie provided by Party Perfect.
I love Strip. It’s the only place I trust for my waxing needs after getting my underarms burnt and irritated at another waxing salon. Check out Strip Manila on Facebook for more information and a list of branches (there are actually only two at the moment — Serendra and Greenbelt 5).

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