Starbucks Card Philippines — turn your visits to rewards!

Did somebody say Starbucks Card? A Starbucks loyalty card / reward card has been a longstanding request from Starbucks patrons and fans here in the Philippines. Finally, this wish has been granted!

Starbucks CardI got my Starbucks Card last night during Starbucks Philippines’ online media preview.

Starbucks CardSo how do you get one? Starting today, simply go to any Starbucks store, pay P300, and get a Starbucks Card that’s fully loaded with P300. Let’s unveil one, shall we?

Starbucks CardAfter paying P300, you get a Starbucks Card with a sleeve that has everything you need to know written on it.

Starbucks CardThere are different designs.

Starbucks CardIt looks just like a credit card because well, that’s sort of what it is. You load the card with credit. You then use it to make purchases at Starbucks stores nationwide so you earn stars. Stars can later on be redeemed for various rewards and freebies. After getting your card, you register it at Registering your card gives you the following benefits:

  • Right after registration, you immediately get a FREE Starbucks Grande drink that’s redeemable within 60 days.
  • When you register, you will be asked to provide your birthdate. You will get a free birthday treat, that is a FREE slice of cake with any purchase of a Starbucks handcrafted drink. This too is redeemable up to 60 days after your birthday.
  • A registered card is a protected card. Let’s say you loaded P1,000 credit into your Starbucks Card. Then, heaven forbid, your wallet or your bag gets stolen. You can activate balance protection on your Starbucks Card so its frozen and unusable until you get a new card and you transfer the remaining balance. This takes effect the moment you report the lost or stolen card.
  • Registering gives you access to your Starbucks account anytime anywhere because you can check your transaction history, remaining balance, etc. via your laptop, smartphone, etc.

Basically, you load your Starbucks Card with cash and use it to purchase Starbucks handcrafted drinks, Starbucks whole bean coffee, or Starbucks VIA Ready Brew to earn stars. You earn 1 star for every Starbucks handcrafted drink / 250g whole bean coffee / Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. Here are the redeemable rewards:

  • FREE Starbucks Grande handcrafted drink for every 12 stars.
  • FREE 250g Starbucks whole bean coffee for every 10 stars.
  • FREE 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for every 10 stars.

Stars earned expire every March of the next calendar year, so let’s say you earn stars on January 2014… these will be valid until March 2015. Although the Starbucks Card has no expiration date, cards which are not used for three (3) years will be rendered invalid. You can reload your Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store nationwide. This card is only valid here in the Philippines.

Want a FREE Starbucks Card? Just purchase any Starbucks handcrafted beverage from July 31 to August 7, 2013 and present your receipt at the Starbucks Card Launch event on August 7, 2013. The first 100 people to do will get a FREE invitation to the Starbucks Card Launch and a FREE Starbucks Card with P300 load instantly! You can line-up starting 4:30pm later today. Launch attendees will also be treated to musical performances by today’s hottest bands and more freebies during the event.

As a launch promo, if you get a Starbucks Card and load at least P1,500 into it from August 7-9, 2013 you will get P1,800 load instead of P1,500.

Guess what? I will be giving away five (5) Starbucks Cards with P300 load in the coming days too so stay tuned, okay? 😀

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