Smokey Eyes FOTD with Make Up For Ever!

Creating smokey eyes is one of the lessons you’re taught in just about every make-up course out there. The same is true for Maquillage Professionnel. We devoted one entire afternoon to smokey eyes… a look that can be adjusted for day, night, and well… high fashion shoots. For the uninitiated, FOTD is beauty blogspeak which means Face of the Day.

Smokey Eyes FOTD Make Up For EverOur instructor Ms. Yuki conducted the usual half face demo to start us off on our quest for the perfect smokey eyes. Some points I learned:

  • You use only one eyeshadow color for smokey eyes.
  • Dark eyeshadows are needed for smokey eyes — blues, browns, grays, blacks, and even greens. Pink and coral shades won’t work as they are too light and it’s possible that you’ll end up with eyes that look swollen.
  • You create light, medium, and dark tones via application and blending.
  • You use equally dark eyeliners and mascaras to complete the look.
  • False eyelashes are a plus if you want more drama.
  • Since you’re highlighting the eyes, cheeks and lips are kept low key.

Smokey Eyes FOTD Make Up For EverFor my smokey eyes, I used shimmery black eyeshadow. Well, it was all that was left because my classmates got the other palettes, haha! The bluish tone you see is actually Make Up For Ever Star Powder, which is a glittery and translucent highlighter type of product you apply over your eyeshadow to give your eyes a 3D effect. I also glued on false eyelashes aside from curling my own and applying mascara as it was part of the day’s lesson.
Smokey Eyes FOTD Make Up For EverBlending till your eye make-up is clean and borderless is essential for the smokey eye. We can’t have visible rainbow layers, it should be a single color that goes from dark to light flawlessly.
Smokey eyes by AnimetricYes, I think I got it on the first try. I actually attended a workshop on creating smokey eyes at Center for Aesthetic Studies a few years ago and the technique taught to us was entirely different. I remember putting on layers and layers of black eyeshadow and eyeliner on my model. Maquillage Professionnel’s technique requires more blending rather than application.
Smokey Eyes FOTD Make Up For EverI think my look came out kind of Goth. I actually went straight to the Electrolux Doom of the Broom Awarding with this make-up on. :p

I used all Make Up For Ever products except for the mascara because I brought along my own L’oreal Curl Impact Collagene Curl-Fixing Mascara.

  • Make Up For Ever HD Primer 0 Neutral
  • Make Up For Ever All Mat
  • Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette
  • Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation (I can’t give you the shade because I mixed my own. The shade that supposedly matched my skin was out.)
  • Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer 03 Neutral Beige
  • Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder
  • Make Up For Ever Shine On Powder
  • Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Kit 02 Light Brown
  • Make Up For Ever Matte Eyeshadow in Black
  • Make Up For Ever Star Powder 955
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Star Black
  • Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit
  • Make Up For Ever Sculpting Blush in Satin Light Peach
  • Make Up For Ever Lacquered Transparent Lipstick in Pearly Indian Pink
  • Make Up For Ever Lab Shine in Nude

I know. That’s a whole truckload of products for just one FOTD… I swear Make Up For Ever products are soooo addictive. I wanted to buy everything I was using in class but that would drive me to the poorhouse as there is no product below P1,000… XD

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