SM All Eyes On You

Sometime near the end of September (the exact same day my laptop died hence this post is so late), I went to check out SM Beauty’s All Eyes On You event.

SM Beauty Makati

It was hosted by Bianca Valerio, who herself is also a makeup artist among many other um… occupations.

SM Beauty Makati

Internationally renowned artist Valerie Chua was the day’s guest of honor. She gave a talk about color trends and combinations.

SM Beauty Makati

It was a pretty hands-on kind of thing, we were each given a set of materials so we could put what Val was teaching us into practice.

SM Beauty Makati

I was zoning out because my mind was on my dead laptop but I managed to create a couple of eye looks on paper all the same.

SM Beauty Makati

I didn’t stay too long because I had to pick up my kids from school but I was able to finish the program.
Anyway, for your makeup-loving friends, SM Beauty is definitely your one-stop shop for Christmas gifts. My favorite branch is SM Makati because they have everything there — western brands, Asian brands (Korean, Japanese, etc)… prices range from affordable to downright indulgent. In fact I bought my dream face powder, Shiseido Snow Beauty (it costs a whopping P4k and I will tell you more about it on a separate post), from SM Beauty Makati. SM Beauty is really a beauty enthusiast’s paradise! I can never leave without buying something… lol!

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