Sketching and coloring… my lost art!

I was a voracious reader as a child. We didn’t have stuff like iPads or cellphones back then. We had did non-techy things like ride our bicycles, play board games, and read Archie comics. I would spend summers and holidays in my grandparents’ study where there were shelves of books all waiting to be read. Classics, encyclopedias, hardbound Hardy Boys books, Childcraft… I loved reading so much I remember buying hardbound Nancy Drew books for P13.50 a piece at National Bookstore. I was buying them up until they reached P27.50 per volume. There weren’t paperback versions back then.

Princess Serenity and Chibi Usa from Sailormoon
Princess Serenity and Chibi Usa from Sailormoon circa 1995

Aside from reading, I loved drawing. I remember starting to draw when I was 4 years old. I got hold of my aunt’s sketchpad and I tried so desperately to copy her works. Of course I couldn’t. I got very frustrated and I recall crying over it, lol. When I was in gradeschool I had a few friends who loved drawing as much as I did and we would hold drawing contests in class, asking our classmates to score our works hahaha. In my college days I discovered the wonderful world of anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics). My drawings started veering towards big-eyed and small-mouthed characters. My favorite part was coloring.

Marvel Comics Dazzler
Marvel Comics’ Dazzler circa 1996

I prefer using colored pencils because they’re not messy. Painting is too much work for me. I don’t have the patience to wash and clean palettes, brushes, and other materials.

The Black Lady from Sailormoon
The Black Lady from Sailormoon circa 1996

I found my old sketchbook while spring cleaning over the weekend and I realized I haven’t drawn in almost 20 years. It’s ironic because when I was younger I would draw almost everyday. I wonder if I can still do it. Is it something you don’t forget like swimming or riding a bike? I hope I can find the time to draw again soon.

And this is probably why I find adult coloring books boring. But then again I never liked coloring books even as a child, lol.

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