Share Tea in Taiwan!

If Israel is “a land flowing with milk and honey” according to the Bible, then Taiwan is a land flowing with milk and tea. Milk tea is everywhere. Almost every street has a stand that sells endless flavors of milk tea with pearls and tapioca, the type that made Serenitea a cult favorite here in Manila.

Share Tea Taipei TaiwanOne of our favorite milk tea places in Taiwan is Share Tea. They’ve been in business since 1992 and they’re all over Taipei. 🙂

Share Tea Taipei TaiwanApparently, customizing the sugar level is usual in Taiwan. Every milk tea stall lets you decide just how sweet you want your order to be. I usually go for 0% to 30%.

Share Tea Taipei TaiwanI went for the no. 1 bestseller, Milk Tea with Pearls. I noticed that the color is lighter and more milky compared to the Okinawa Milk Tea I always order at Serenitea.
Animetric and Share TeaShare Tea Taipei TaiwanSharetea Taipei TaiwanI took my drink back to the hotel since Share Tea is just a stall. There are no seats, tables, or food. They’re just there to dispense yummy drinks. A large size Milk Tea with Pearls costs only NT35 or P52.50, less than half the cost of a large size Okinawa Milk Tea from Serenitea. The taste is milky and creamy, it’s so addictive we ended up having one every night.

I miss Share Tea! If ever you find yourself in Taiwan, do try it out. 😀

UPDATE: Share Tea is now in the Philippines!!!

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