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My son celebrated his 15th birthday a couple of days ago. I asked him where he wanted to eat. He said he didn’t feel like going out on a weekday since he gets home kind of late from school. Lucky for us our good friend Frannywanny recommended Seven Comfort Cuisine, a Quezon City-based party tray service we could easily order from. Since there’s only four of us at home plus our helper, we had the smaller sized orders (good for 6-8 pax). We went with Seven Comfort Cuisine’s recommendations (it was our first time to try their food so we had no idea what to order).

Seven Comfort CuisineThey suggested Cheesy Pork Mushroom Gravy (P850). I was iffy about this at first because overly cheesy dishes usually give me that annoying cloying (umay) feeling which later develops to some form of heartburn but surprise surprise — Seven Comfort Cuisine’s Cheesy Pork Mushroom Gravy is surprisingly light and not the least bit cloying. It’s basically tender pieces of lean pork and button mushrooms cooked in a light milk-based gravy (reminiscent of chicken ala king actually) then topped with melted cheese. We were all surprised by how yummy this dish was!

Seven Comfort CuisineWe paired the Cheesy Pork Mushroom Gravy with Veggie Red Rice (P500). Our kids usually don’t like red/brown/black rice but surprisingly they loved this one. The red rice is really chewy and the way this is cooked is the rice and veggies are steamed so it’s not greasy! It was actually perfect with the rich pork dish we were having.

Seven Comfort CuisineEver heard of the saying that when it’s your birthday you should eat noodles for long life? Lol, for that we had Savory Chicken Mushroom Pasta (P600)! It’s yummy — quite reminiscent of Yellow Cab Pizza’s Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta except that well one single order of Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta costs around P300 while this, which can serve 6 people, would cost only P100 per serving!

Seven Comfort CuisineFor dessert we had Molten Chocolate Lava (P65 each).

Seven Comfort CuisineThe Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes are served in quaint glass jars. I was told it’s best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. We loved that the cakes were rich and not overly sweet but when you say “molten” I kinda expect some sort of melty chocolate in the middle, lol — there wasn’t any, but the cakes were good all the same.

Five of us had these for dinner last night and we still have about half of each dish left (except dessert) for another meal. We loved the food and the service. Everything was hot and freshly made when we got them, even the cakes! Highly recommended for potluck parties, home celebrations, and well anytime you just don’t want to cook and you have a lot of people to feed haha! Anyhow, check out their menu which I’m posting below.

Seven Comfort Cuisine Menu
Seven Comfort Cuisine can deliver for a minimum order of P3,500 + delivery fee. Orders below P3,500 are for pick-up at Puregold QI Central along E. Rodriguez (convenient for us yay!) or Retiro cor. Araneta Avenue. Orders worth P8,000 and above get free delivery within a 20km radius from E. Rodriguez. You can text 0920-2726588 for orders and inquiries. Everything on the menu is currently 10% off so do check them out! 😀

For more information, log on to the Seven Comfort Cuisine Facebook Page.

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