Serenitea for the family!

My hubby and I are very much addicted to this small tea place called Serenitea. Of their three branches, we usually frequent two — San Juan and Banawe.
Brewing teas at SereniteaBeverages are brewed and prepared as you order so you’re assured of the freshness.

Okinawa Milk Tea at SereniteaMy personal favorite is cold Okinawa Milk Tea (P95 L). You get to choose what topping or “sinker” to go with it — QQ (mix of crystals and pearls), Pearl (tapioca balls or sago), Egg Pudding (custard), Black Bricks (coffee jelly), Crystals (nata), and Lime Jelly. Okinawa Milk Tea has a toasty bittersweet taste that I really love, but a lot of people I know prefer the Hokkaido Milk Tea which has a sweeter caramel flavor with a hint of coconut somewhere in the mix.

As you can see, my topping of choice is Pearl. I love the chewy and slightly sweet tapioca balls. Another thing I love about Serenitea is you can actually choose your desired sweetness level:
  • Full Sugar or 100% – Standard
  • Less Sugar / 75%
  • Half Sugar / 50%
  • Mild Sugar / 25%
  • No Sugar / 0%
I always opt for No Sugar. This is something I can’t do at other tea places like Bubble Tea. I can’t stand drinks that are overly sweet so this is really perfect for me.

Pepper Corn at SereniteaApart from a wide variety of brewed concoctions, Serenitea also serves yummy snacks like Pepper Corn (P50). Golden sweet corn is roasted and seasoned with pepper and curry powder. Delicious!

Chicken Chops at SereniteaChicken Chops (P60) is Serenitea’s most popular snack. Crunchy breaded chicken strips topped with fried basil leaves are seasoned with pepper and spices. Slightly spicy but really good — my kids love this snack. Try munching on a chicken strip and a basil leaf at the same time… so yummy!

Pepper Potato at SereniteaAnother snack item we all love is the Pepper Potato (P50). It’s just like the Chicken Chops except it’s comprised of potato strips. It’s like fries with a twist. A sure hit with kids… and even adults.

Lemon-C at SereniteaIf you’re a mom like me who doesn’t approve of caffeinated drinks for her children, you can have them order Lemon-C (P70 M). It’s a blend of fresh lemon and calamansi juices which are rich in vitamin C, so it’s actually good for your kids. It also comes with a free topping of your choice, but my daughter opted to have it plain with the sweetness level set to Half or 50%.

N. Roxas St.,
Banawe, Quezon City

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